Big Ben

Finding out where the best place to stay in the city for your trip to London isd can be more difficult than you’d think. Whether you’re travelling alone or on a family holiday, finding the right location can make or break the fun you’ll have. Whilst staying in the centre might seem glamorous and luxurious, perhaps it’s outside of your price range or not near any of the places your planning to visit.

Location is key, especially when you keep in mind the sheer scale of the city and how far you’ll have to travel if you pick the wrong location.

Do you want to be near transport links?

Business travellers may prefer to rest their head near a major train station or airport, for ease of access on their busy schedule.

Whilst Heathrow airport, the largest London airport, may be far out of the city centre, it is reachable from within half an hour from Paddington Station as well as there being plenty of great hotels near Heathrow. City airport has lots of accommodation close by in Stratford, whilst Gatwick is a half hour train from Victoria Station.

If it’s train lines you’re after and easy access to the tube system, keep in mind that you’ll find the cheaper flats and rentals in the zone 3 to 4 areas. Whilst these may look far out on a map, the fact of the matter is that if you pick the right tube line, you can be across the city in an instant. With plenty of Hotels near Lancaster Gate tube station stretching out to Ealing and beyond, London is very easy to manage from the outskirts. Take the Victoria line as an example, Brixton to Walthamstow is only a half hour tube journey, and cheaper accommodation can be found in both those areas. It is a good idea to think about whether you really need to be staying in central London.

Do you like living near green spaces?

For those who want a little respite from the cities hustle and bustle, consider looking for accommodation near to parkland or river areas. London is surprisingly green for such a built up capital, and with Hyde Park Hotels giving great deals for luxurious accommodations, you could be sailing on a Serpentine Lake pedalo before you’ve even had breakfast!

Who are you travelling with?

Consider your travelling party. Friends, family and co-workers will all have different needs and boundaries, so finding the right accommodation is key to a happy London trip.


If you’re travelling with friends or other young people, a cheap affordable alternative to renting or hotels is to stay night by night in a hostel., With many safe and secure hostels guaranteeing a comfy bed, the only problem is the snoring of strangers!


For couples and families who want their own space and to do London their own way, renting an apartment from the likes of Airbnb is an affordable option, especially when you keep in mind the money you’ll save when no dining out!


For those looking for a little luxury and pampering, hotels are always the way forward. With friendly staff and great food, a hotel visit to London will never let you down.