London can be a very overwhelming city. Even when staying at comforting hotels such as Park Grand Accommodation, it can be difficult to orientate yourself if you’re not used to the hustle and bustle. Whilst many people would spend their precious first few days in the city orienting themselves, using these tips you can get right into it and start your holiday off with a bang. Whatever you’re planning for your London trip, be sure to keep these tips in mind to help the journey run smoothly and the good times flow.

Download citymapper

Even after years of living in London, you may still need to use a map to found your way around, There are so many nooks and crannies and so many areas where even the most hardened Londoner still hasn’t explored. Keep in mind that London’s overall area is a thousand square kilometres and you’ll have a taste of the scale we’re talking here. With apps such as CityMapper, you’ll be in a position to not only get around the quickest way possible, but also gain an understanding of how the city works. With google maps or citymapper, simply type in your destination in the search bar and the app will work out the best route, alongside delays on public transport and even cycling and walking times, problem solved!

Download a tube map

A second must have app for newcomers is the London tube map. Understanding the best routes and being able to deviate fi there is a delay can be a matter of quick thinking, especially at rush hour (which you should try to avoid at all costs, costs being the key word due to upped peak time prices on the underground.)

Sometimes walking is quicker than buses

Rush hour, as mentioned above, is a key time to avoid, not jsut for the prices being upped but for the congestion as well. If you’re app has told you your bus route is only three or four stops and you are physically capable to or with people who are able to, the best bet is to walk to your destination, especially during rush hour. 15 minute walks can become 45 minute journeys! What’s more, the city centre is rather compact and areas such as Waterloo and Oxford Circus are within a 15 minute walk of eachother.

Tipping is not a necessity

Unlike countries such as America, tipping is not necessary in the UK. Whilst it is always nice to tip, don’t feel obliged to. Waiting staff in the UK should be paid enough to live on by law, whilst tipping is just the icing on the cake. That’s not to say you shouldn’t if you had particularly good service; the bar staff at the Piccadilly London West End for instance, would always be grateful.

Check out free London to save that cash

Lastly, ensure you make the most out of free London. With so much to do and see, there’s always something free in London. Whether it’s the London museums or a free comedy or music show in the top room of a pub, London holds many free secrets which are often overlooked.