Thursday Nights In London

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A thursday night in London can be just like a Friday or a Saturday. You don’t have to wait till the weekend to have a good time, especially if you’re on holiday and staying at the Park Grand London Hyde Park. With so much to do, there’s always a good opportunity to find new experiences in the city. Below you can find a run down of some of the best Thursday night offers out there. Whether your business trip has a night off or your on a week away with friends, London is the perfect place to start a long weekend off with a bang.

Dirty Martini Summer club

The Dirty Martini bar and club is one of the classiest joints in London. We say one, but there are branches all across the city centre. Whether you’re looking for an after work cocktail in Covent Garden or if you’re trying to find a great place on the way home in Islington, the Dirty Martini has you covered. With branches in Bishopsgate, Monument, Covent Garden, Minories, Hanover Square and St Paul’s, the Dirty Martini serves happy hour drinks all week. Whilst times vary, you can be sure that they’ll have an evening on a Thursday night serving Peaky Blinders cocktails and champagne at even more reasonable prices.

Twilight Soho Food tour

Soho has always been known for its glitz and glamour concerning the swinging sixties and the bright lights of the theatre district. With many clubs and pubs, it may surprise you to find that one more new craze has popped up in the area. With food connoisseurs across the world bringing unique cuisines to shops and restaurants in the Soho area, you’d be forgiven for overlooking them for the less subtle draws of the area. The food tour helps you with just that, introducing you to some of the best food at cafes, bars and restaurants across the area and is of course available for Thursday evenings.

Camden Lock Summer Night Market

Now that summer is just around the corner, those who are looking for a great bargain and some fashionable garms need not look further than Camden Lock summer night market. This market is already famous as one of the must sees of London. Selling everything from vintage clothes and records to smoking paraphernalia, Camden Market is a must see for the vibrancy at least. Now that the market is open in the summer, that vibrancy has been amped up to 11, and you can be sure that as a guest of nearby Park Grand accommodation, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at this unique experience.

Late night shopping

The last thing to leave you with in terms of Thursday evening experiences, is that the fact that alla cross London, late night shopping applies. Until around 8pm to 9pm, you can find high streets open and bustling meaning that you’ll be able to catch a quick sale on Oxford street or an independent boutique in Highbury. And don’t forget, when the shops are open, the bars are abuzz too!