A Guide to the King’s Coronation in May 2023


On Saturday 6th May 2023, King Charles will be formally coronated into his role as Britain’s new monarch – and we expect to see the city filled like never before, with visitors travelling from all over the world and staying in hotels across the city in the hopes of joining in the celebrations.

In terms of the coronation weekend, the additional Bank Holiday on Monday 8th will mean that most of the Park Grand London hotels and other accommodation options will be booked out from the Friday through to that Bank Holiday Monday – but what exactly is going on as part of the coronation and what do you need to know if you’re hoping to celebrate in London?

What does the coronation weekend include?

The coronation itself is a grand affair, with the religious service headed up at either end by two processions and an all-star concert which will showcase some of the best talent from across the UK and beyond. In terms of the religious ceremony, this takes place at Westminster Abbey and while official timings have yet to be decided and announced, it is expected that coverage will enable people across London to tune in and watch every moment of their Kensington hotel room in London.

As the coronation falls on the Saturday, the date of which falls eight months since King Charles automatically stepped into the role as monarch on 8th September 2022, the additional Bank Holiday presents an opportunity for the British public to extend their celebrations – with King Charles himself encouraging people to get out into the local communities on this extra day of rest.

What can you enjoy as part of the celebrations if you’re in London?

If you are planning on being in London during the coronation weekend, there are tons of different things that you can enjoy – from the processions which will pass through London, to the smaller parties which are expected to pop up and appear across the city, from the Park Grand Kensington London to the Royal Parks across the city, the pubs, and even the airports and train stations.

Unfortunately, the ballot for tickets to the coronation concert have now closed, with the coronation itself only allowing guests of high social standing to attend – however, it is expected that the overall atmosphere across London will be one of great excitement and so simply arriving in the city and getting stuck into the British celebrations should present a memory that will stick with you forever.

Other things to note about the coronation

A few other thing worth noting:

  • The airports and entry points to London are likely to be exceptionally busy both before and after the coronation weekend, so we recommend booking a room at the Park Grand London Heathrow before your flight out of London to avoid busy public transport.
  • The Archbishop will formally crown King Charles and will present him with the St Edward’s Crown – although this will be swapped out for the Imperial Crown before the end of the ceremony.
  • King Charles has stated that he wants his coronation celebrations to be a stripped back version of the traditional celebration. It remains to be seen what this means and what it will entail!