4 Unmissable London Experiences – for your first or fiftieth visit!


London is a very much a city of great extremes, with some of the busiest attractions situated a stone’s throw from London’s lesser known and often underrated sights and experiences.

Whether you’re heading to the city for your first ever visit or consider yourself a veteran traveller who might as well call themselves a London local, this blog is all about those experiences that we consider to be totally unmissable – with all of them located close enough to the main hotels near Hyde Park London that you can easily factor them into your itinerary.

And we’re starting with arguably the most tourist-friendly attraction that London has to offer – a classic tour.

Why you MUST book a London tour at least once

Yes, booking an organised tour will take you to all the classic attractions and sightseeing destinations which you might believe are overrated, or that you’ve seen many times before. But nothing beats an experience which combines all the best bits of London with interesting facts, insightful individuals, and the opportunity to meet people you might otherwise have never met.

There are so many different tours available that you don’t have to opt for a classic walking tour. Why not book onto an open top bus tour, try out one of the cycling tours of London, or treat yourself to a full experience which rounds off with a Park Grand Lancaster Gate afternoon tea at the end.

See a West End show

With the West End so ideally located in the very heart of central London, there are no excuses not to book yourself tickets to one of the big musicals that call the West End home – particularly as everyday you can get your hands on cheap and discounted tickets for that night’s show.

Pair your theatre experience with dinner and make a night of it – all within walking distance of the Hyde Park International hotel.

London’s best angle is from the sky

No, we don’t mean a helicopter tour – and we certainly don’t mean the view you get as you fly in and touch down at one of the city’s main airports. What we are referring to is the skyline view of London which can be enjoyed from the London Eye, the Shard, or even the Sky Garden depending on your budget and ability to plan (top tip: ALWAYS book tickets in advance!)

The best kind of cakes are bitesize and accompanied by tea

We mentioned afternoon tea earlier, but we’d be doing London a huge misjustice if we didn’t highlight the British affinity for a single sandwich, a bitesize cake, and a cup of tea. Afternoon tea is such a popular experience across London that you can find all manner of menus and variations, from the Park Grand London to the city’s most iconic restaurants, experiential event spaces, and more.

Whichever menu is best suited to your tastebuds, we cannot recommend afternoon tea enough as a quintessentially British way to get your five a day (and by that we mean five cups of tea a day!)