Travel Tips for Tourist Groups with Kids!


Read any blog or browse any guide which covers London tourism, and you will find heaps of information about how to cut costs and save time. But one thing which very few online guides and resources cover is how best to travel around London with kids in tow – considering the convenience of booking in advance combined with the need for flexibility.

In this blog, we’re sharing all the best travel advice compiled by the Park Grand London hotels, on how to get around London safely and efficiently with a multi-generational travel group.

Book a hotel which is located near to a major train station

You’ll find a hotel around virtually every corner in London, with our advice being to find one which bridges the gap between a high end experience and a convenient location. While the Park Grand London Heathrow is incredibly convenient for those arriving in London by plane and those preparing for onward travel, our biggest tip would be to book a hotel which is located close to a major London train station. These areas boast the easiest and most efficient connections across London and the rest of the UK and are generally more affordable so as to make London travel more accessible to a wider tourist audience.

Pack for all weather conditions

This is a tip to be taken with a pinch of salt – as of course we don’t mean packing your thickest winter gear for a summer trip, or your summer shorts in the middle of winter. What this tip actually means is prepare for rain even when there isn’t any forecast, and rely on layers to ensure that you are always warm and dry enough no matter what the London climate throws at you.

Think about your footwear

If there’s one piece of travel advice that we recommend all London tourists take note of, it’s to walk more. Not only is walking completely free but it grants you the opportunity to explore and see more of London on-the-go, as you move from your Kensington Hotel in London towards the central attractions. Plus, it lets little ones blow off some steam and is a great way to get them excited about architecture and other parts of London which aren’t part of your itinerary but which you can appreciate and look at as you pass.

And an extra London travel tip for luck…

Tipping in London

Generally, tipping culture is not as widespread in London as it is in other countries and while you might choose to leave the cash change with your taxi driver, add a tip to the bill at a particularly nice restaurant, or reward the concierge team at the end of your stay at the Park Grand Kensington London, it is not expected or mandatory.

If you do want to leave a tip, be sure to check the bill before doing so as some restaurants and venues in London will add an automatic gratuity fee to your final bill.