Hyde Park is one of the best known parks in London and thanks to its crucially central location, it has become one of the busiest parks with both locals and tourists alike flocking to this green oasis. If you only have time to visit one park in London, then Hyde Park really is the one to choose.

The Park Grand London Hyde Park is one of the top 4 star hotels in London, and just a short walk to one of the park’s main entrances. If you are staying in the hotel and want to visit Hyde Park, here’s what you should expect.


  • Lots of space and room to explore

As one of the largest parks in London, Hyde Park is definitely not short on space. This means that even on the busiest days in the summer, the park rarely feels crowded or filled with people. Whether you are looking for open fields to play football on or a quiet secluded spot to relax and read a book, you won’t struggle to find the perfect place away from others.

  • A break from busy city life

With so many attractions and tourist hotspots to check out, time spent in London can be hectic and busy. Many visitors to the city head to Hyde Park as a way to break away from busy city life without travelling too far. Within minutes of leaving The Park Grand London Hyde Park you will find yourself surrounded by relaxing nature and greenery, somewhere completely different yet just as enjoyable to the luxury of the 4 star hotels in London.

  • An abundance of wildlife

A lot of the wildlife in Hyde Park goes unnoticed and many visitors fail to spot just how many species call the area home. Those who are eagle eyed should be able to see a variety of species and a host of natural habitats for beetles, bats, insects, squirrels and a range of birds and ducks.

  • Activities suitable for the whole family

    London family

Though the park itself is family friendly, there are specific areas that your children are sure to love. The Hyde Park Playground has a great range of climbing frames, slides and swings for little ones to enjoy with other children and The Serpentine Lake has pedal boats that you can hire if you’re feeling particularly energetic. If you’re visiting Hyde Park with young children, and they need to let off some steam in a fun and safe environment, you will be more than impressed by the different activities on offer at this central London park.

There’s a lot to see and do at Hyde Park which makes it ideal for those who want to spend their entire day outside and experience a relatively quieter side of the city of London. It’s a side filled with nature and vast open spaces, making for a relaxing sojourn from a busy trip. However, it’s also great if you simply fancy a stroll in the sun for an hour or so to recharge!