Use Your Travel Photos: 10 Ways to Display the Photos


Displaying your travel photos is almost as fun as capturing the images in the first place, and there’s a huge variety of different options helping you showcase them in style.

Here are a few of our favourite methods for displaying your own pictures…

Make a canvas print

Why not treat your photographs like you would a piece of art? Some of the most beautiful photos deserve this treatment – and turning them into a canvas print allows you to add stunning artwork to some of the rooms in your house or even your workplace.

There are a couple of different ways to approach canvas prints, each of which create a different aesthetic. For a minimalist look, simply keep your canvas print frameless, or add a frame of your choosing to add your own distinct taste to the piece.

Turn your photos monochrome

For a timeless, chic look, make your photographs black and white before framing them in an equally monochromatic setting. This will help ensure your pictures stand out in any room, and still look just as fresh years after they are first placed around your home.

One of the best things about this method is that it works for almost any kind of travel photograph. From stunning scenery to images from your Park Grand Kensington Indian Afternoon Tea, there’re few photos that won’t be transformed by this simple yet effective process.

Pin the photos to a cork board

Cork boards are easy to find and easy to use – you simply need to add push pins to attach your photographs. In addition to being simple, this option also allows you to change the photos on a regular basis, hanging the images according to mood, time of year or any number of other variables.

After your stay at pay later hotels, you’re sure to have plenty of stunning images to share – and with this technique, you can display them all.

Build a photo wall

In interior design terms, there’s nothing quite as dramatic as a photo wall. While one framed photograph makes a statement, including many more allows you to tell a story about your adventures, and develop this narrative around your travels in whatever way you see fit.

It’s a wonderful way to introduce visitors in your home to your passions and interests  – and show them some of the most fascinating places you’ve visited. We recommend keeping the décor around your photos as neutral as possible, to avoid distracting from the images themselves.

Other than that, allow your creativity to run wild after a fun stay at the Park Grand Heathrow.

Make a photographic keepsake box

If you want to keep your photos close to you, but don’t necessarily want to put all of them on display at once, then consider creating a special keepsake box.

There are many different ways to make this work for you. You could try matching the box to your décor, getting crafty by painting it the same colours as your home or even applying wallpaper to the box of your choosing.

If you’d prefer to keep it simple, just find a large enough container ready-prepared, and apply a label to it which identifies each year, decade or even trip of your travels. To create this display option, you’ll either need to print your photographs, use a Polaroid camera to capture your snaps, or order some prints using one of the many companies which provide this service.

Transform your photos into postcards

For those who are extra-proud of their photographs, turning them into stunning postcards is a great way to share these images with others. You can place them around your home, and also send them to your loved ones as a way of reminding them of your adventures.

This is also a great way to share photos with people who were travelling with you. We recommend organising a batch of postcards and keeping them handy for times when you want to send short communications to those closest to you.

Hang photos on a string of fairy lights

For a cute, cost-effective way of making your travel memories two-dimensional, hang your photos on a line of fairy lights using clothing pegs. String is another method which works just as well, but lights help to illuminate the pictures after dark, and add a more elaborate feel to this option.

Order a photo book

There are now plenty of online services where you can order a photo book, and transform your travel pics into a stunning keepsake to treasure for many years to come. These books can often be customised, not only with your choice of photographs but also in a variety of new and inventive ways.

Depending on the time of year you order your book, you might even find some special discounts which help make this option more affordable. If you want to display your photos taken while staying at the Park Grand, but would prefer to leave this task to the professionals, then ordering a photo book is a fantastic option.

Design a photo calendar

If you want to look back on last year’s travels in the year ahead, then consider making yourself a beautiful photo calendar. This will mean you have a full month to gaze at each of your favourite photographs, and you can choose twelve of them!

A calendar is a great way to incorporate your favourite photographs into everyday life. Hang the calendar in a place where you’ll always see it, and you’ll be sure to remember each trip throughout the year.

Create a photo album

Whilst it’s a tried and tested method, as our photographs go digital more and more of us are neglecting to create physical photo albums. This is a shame, as they provide a fantastic way to collect and display photos from your travels.

Print off your favourite photographs and pop them into a decorative album, as a quick and easy means of showing them off.