4 Reasons to Visit Shakespeare’s Globe

shakespeare's globe

Whether you’re barmy about the Bard or just want to brush up on your Shakespeare, then spending a few hours at Shakespeare’s Globe is a great way to immerse yourself during your stay in London.

The history of the Globe theatre is an interesting one in itself, with the original structure being the subject of much controversy over the years. Constructed in 1599, the theatre that visitors to the Park Grand Paddington Court can enjoy today is actually the fourth reconstruction of the building. Over the centuries it has been blighted by fire thanks to special effects using gunpowder going horribly wrong and puritan rule which saw the vast majority of theatres closed.

Later, in a shrewd financial move, Shakespeare who enjoyed great success with many of his plays around this period, invested money into the Globe theatre, allowing him to take a share of the profits from ticket sales. Although the world-famous playwright died in 1616, his plays and those of many other contemporary artists continue to run at the theatre to this day.

Sadly, the only indication that the Globe had a serious part to play in the history of English literature was a small plaque affixed to a wall. Thankfully, the venue’s fortunes changed when an American businessman decided to invest in the theatre, allowing it to take its rightful place in the history of London once restored it to its former glory.

Now, visitors from all over the world flock to the Bankside theatre to take in the atmosphere and even catch a performance of one of Shakespeare’s plays, but there is plenty more to see and do at the Globe when you stay at our Park Grand hotels in London.

Globe Theatre Tours

To really make the most out of your time at the theatre, it is possible to join one of the many daily tours that can help you uncover the history and many other interesting facts about this unique O shaped wooden performance venue.

Each tour lasts on average around 40 minutes. Tours are scheduled around performance times, so if you want to make sure you have plenty of time to experience our ice cream afternoon tea, it’s a good idea to book in advance. They are often fully booked, especially at the weekend when more visitors pass through the doors of the famous theatre.

Tours are conducted in English, but there are fact sheets available for visitors from all over the world so everyone can find out more about the Globe theatre and why it is such an important structure that can be seen from the Thames river.

Pick a Performance

If you’re staying at the Park Grand hotel Heathrow, you could be lucky enough to catch a performance of one of Shakespeare’s plays during your stay. From the brooding atmosphere of The Tempest to the fantastical A Midsummer Night’s Dream, seeing these performances played out in a venue that hasn’t changed much since it was originally constructed is a real treat for any lover of the arts.

Performances take place during the day and in the evening, so it’s possible to take a tour of the theatre before taking your seat to enjoy some of the best British theatrical talent bring the work of the Bard to life before your very eyes.

There is also a calendar of concerts featuring visiting artists throughout the year and a wonderful annual Christmas carol concert that really helps visitors get into the festive spirit. Make sure that you book your stay at our Park Grand Hotel Heathrow well in advance if you are hoping to catch one of these special events during your visit to the city.

Eat and drink

Situated on the site of the Globe, the Swan offers incredible views of St. Paul’s Cathedral and the River Thames. Perfect for a pre-performance drink or a coffee after a tour of the historical building, take your time and soak in the views offered from this amazing vantage point.

As the Globe Theatre is located just a short Tube ride away from the Park Grand Paddington Court, you can always return back to your hotel to experience one of our unique ice cream afternoon teas and to talk about some of the interesting discoveries you’ve made during your time at the venue.

A Great Photo Opportunity

Located in the Bankside area of the city, you really can’t miss the Globe. Reconstructed to look exactly like the original structure built in 1599, the outside of the building makes an excellent photo opportunity, and you’ll often find crowds of people trying to get the perfect selfie for their social media channels.

If you’re lucky, you might even see some of the actors and theatre staff in full costume too!

It’s also easy to reach from the Park Grand Paddington Court hotel, so take your time indulging in one of our ice cream afternoon teas before hopping on the Tube at Lancaster Gate station. From there, take the Central line, and you’ll arrive at your destination in just under half an hour.

Shakesperian Shopping

One of the more modern features that you’ll find at the Globe Theatre is the gift shop. Perfect for picking up a few souvenirs of your stay at our Park Grand Hotels in London, you can find everything from pens and fridge magnets to complete collections of the works of William Shakespeare.

With plenty of traditional and slightly more unusual gifts to choose from such as Globe models to build at home and beautifully illustrated children’s books to introduce them to the wonderful works of William Shakespeare, it’s well worth bring a little extra spending money along on your visit as there is bound to be something that you’ll want to take home with you as a memento of your time at the theatre.