Ultimate London Bucket List for City Visit Veterans

Veteran couple visitors

For many guests at the Park Grand London Hotels, this won’t be your first visit. With a broad range of deals that entice guests to stay with us time and time again, we know that not everyone will be visiting London with fresh eyes. Whether it’s your second or 10th stay in the city, you might have grown weary of the same old tourist traps. That’s why getting to know some of the hidden gems of London and the wide-spanning boroughs is always important for the returning London visitor.

From off the grid entertainment, to unique historic attractions, this list of amazing events will entice firs timers and seasoned London visitors alike, giving a whole new perspective on the city whilst remaining engaging, accessible and above all else, fun!

London Mithraeum

The London Mithraeum is located close to Bank in central London and offers up some of the most in-depth looks into the city’s Roman history. This temple was discovered in Walbrook street in 1954 and is one of the most famous Roman archaeological discoveries of the 20th century. The ruins of this beautiful temple have been preserved and exhibited right in the heart of the city, making it easy to reach attraction for Park Grand London Paddington guests in the centre of London.

Horniman Museum

Horniman Museum London

The Horniman Museum is a Dulwich based oddity, that incorporates into its lavish halls exhibits on natural history, ancient cultures and science. Created by Frederick Horniman, an heir to a tea trading dynasty, the museum is a large selection of his collection, all housed with an arts and crafts style building surrounded by beautiful botanic gardens. This is a truly left of field museum, filled with engaging and accessible exhibits.

Dennis Severs House

Dennis Severs House is another unique museum that incorporates still life installations with a history of Huguenot settlers and silk weavers in London. Telling the history of a family from the 18th century up until the first world war, the museum incorporates exhibits, sound installations and period interiors to give guests a step into the past of East London.

Sherlock Holmes Museum

sherlock Holmes museum london

For fans of the deerstalker detective, this museum is based on the closest possible house to the fictional hero’s residence. At 221B Bakers Street, you’ll find a range of period interiors made up to look like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character’s home. You’ll also find exhibits concerning the writing of the Sherlock Holmes books and the history of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Museum of London

natural history museum

Not far from the Barbican Centre and housed in the sprawl of brutalist 60’s and 70’s buildings, the Museum of London is easy to visit for East based Hotels in London pay on arrival guests. The museum itself documents the history of London, spanning from prehistoric times to the modern-day.

Newport Street Gallery

The Newport Street Gallery is owned by Damien Hirst, the famous British YBA artist who cultivated an entire movement of contemporary artists in the early 90s’. Whilst it houses a collection of Hirst’s work, as well as a cafe themed around pharmaceuticals, the museum also holds exhibition spaces dedicated to contemporary art.

Saatchi Gallery

Saatchi Gallery

The Saatchi Gallery has had many incarnations in its 30 plus years of history. Now located in Chelsea at the Duke of York HQ, this gallery, owned by advertising executive Charles Saatchi, is dedicated to international contemporary art.

The Wallace Collection

Established in 1897, the Wallace Collection is a beautiful collection of artworks dating back to the 15th century, as well as French art from the 18th century. With its beautiful interior and free to visit rooms, the manor house itself is located in Manchester square and was owned by Richard Seymour-Wallace.

Broadway Market

Located in London Fields in the Hackney district of East London, Broadway Market is a local favourite for independent shopping boutiques and diverse markets. Easy to reach from Central London and Liverpool street, this historic market street incorporates buzzing traditional pubs, gourmet eateries and a nearby canal system, promising beautiful walks to Victoria Park and Kings Cross.

Spitalfields Market

Spitalfields Market is a historic arts, crafts, and food market located near to Liverpool Street Station. With its proximity to Shoreditch and other East London tourist hubs, the market has become one of the most popular in the city.

Borough Market

This Thames-side market has a history that dates back to the origins of London and is located next to one of the oldest bridges in the city. With London Bridge being the only Thames river crossing for hundreds of years, the market cultivated a dizzying amount of trade. Nowadays, Borough Market promises a range of street food stalls and ingredients wholesalers, making it a bustling lunchtime hub and evening social centre for after-work drinks and dining.

Columbia Road Flower Market

columbia flower market

This East London Sunday flower market is a must for leafy lovers everywhere. From roses and Christmas trees to house plant succulents, Columbia Road is home to some of the best deals on plantlife. With cafes, busking and a local vibe like no other, this Sunday market is a must for London visitors looking for a traditionally British street trader atmosphere.

100 Club

For music lovers visiting the city, the 100 Club is an Oxford Street music venue with a history dating back to the 1930s. Once a dancehall, the venue became popular with the punk movement of the ’70s, and now hosts stylish alternative acts under the hustle and bustle of Europe’s busiest high street.


For East-based Premier Club Rewards guests, XOYO is the go-to underground club for night owls and electronic music lovers everywhere. With a range of international DJ’s performing on a weekly basis, this neon-lit venue offers an electric atmosphere to match its two separate rooms of the best dance music in Europe.

Camden Roundhouse

Fro arts lovers everywhere, this Camden based arts venue offers up films, live music and performance. With a glitzy bar and the nearby Camden Market, this is a north London arts gem that hosts everything from 80’s rockstars to local performance poetry.