Marble Arch and its nearby attractions


An iconic symbol of the capital that visitors to London will not want to miss, Marble Arch was designed by the renowned architect John Nash and forms part of the stunning entrance to the lush green spaces of Hyde Park.

Located in the bustling City of Westminster, the triumphal arch was originally designed as the state entrance to the cour d’honneur of Buckingham Palace and was built in 1827.

Later relocated to its current position at the junction of Oxford Street, Park Lane and Edgware Road in 1851, the arch remains a prominent attraction and excellent example of 19th century English grandeur.

There’s plenty more to see in the local area though, and here are just some of the other great attractions near Marble Arch:

Hyde Park

One of London’s eight historic royal parks, Hyde Park could not be any closer to Marble Arch for individuals seeking local attractions to explore.

Offering wide open green spaces in the heart of one of the most busy and bustling cities on the planet, the park presents an excellent opportunity for travellers to both unwind and to simply soak up the joys of the great outdoors.

Moreover, Hyde Park offers a number of famous landmarks that visitors will want to see for themselves, including the Serpentine Lake, Speaker’s Corner and the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain.

Serpentine Galleries

Located on either side of the The Serpentine Bridge spanning the imposing Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park, the Serpentine Gallery was established in 1970 and the later addition of the Serpentine Sackler Gallery took place in 2013.

Both establishments offer free admission and are open daily from 10am until 6pm. Each offers the chance for the public to examine exhibitions of world-renowned works of art, architecture and design.

A changing roster of exhibitions takes place at the galleries throughout the year and visitors can find out more about what works will be on display during their time in the capital by heading to the Serpentine Galleries website.

Speakers’ Corner

Just a minute’s walk from Marble Arch resides one of the most iconic attractions of the local area, the renowned Speakers’ Corner.

An open public forum for anyone wishing to air their views, Speakers’ Corner has seen an array of famous names take up this opportunity over the years, including such luminary figures as Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, George Orwell, CLR James and many more.

An important symbol of the freedom of speech, visitors can head along at any time of day and be welcomed by the sound of individuals sharing their opinions and putting the world to rights.

Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain

Designed by American landscape artist Kathryn Gustafson, the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain was opened to the public in July 2004 and commemorates the life and charitable works of Princess Diana.

Located in the south-west corner of Hyde Park, just south of the Serpentine lake and east of the Serpentine Gallery, the memorial fountain features an oval granite stream bed that sees water flowing over a variety of rills, curves and obstructions, before heading to a tranquil pool at the bottom – designed to reflect the two sides to Diana’s life: turmoil and calm. It is surrounded by lush grassy fields.

The memorial is laid out in a gently sloping portion of the park and is an excellent spot for visitors to head to in order to sit, de-stress and simply contemplate.

The Animals in War Memorial

Outside the park, there is also an array of other nearby attractions for visitors to the area to explore, with the Animals in War Memorial commemorating the many millions of animals that have served and given their lives in support of British and Commonwealth forces over the years.

Visitors will be able to explore the many facets of the monument’s design, with its principal elements being several large bronzes and an imposing wall, all depicting the sacrifices these animals made, bearing witness to the losses that were suffered and representing a hope to avoid such pains in the future.

Michael Werner Gallery

Opened in 2012 but drawing upon a rich heritage in fine art dating back to the 1960s, the Michael Werner Gallery in Mayfair is a renowned space for contemporary American and European painting, sculpture and drawing.

Recent major exhibitions at the gallery include James Lee Byars’ Early Works and the Angel, Markus Lupertz’s Players Ball, and Michael Williams’ first solo London exhibition, Morning Zoo.

One of three Michael Werner Galleries in the world – Werner & Katz in Berlin and Michael Werner Gallery New York – this Mayfair establishment prides itself on providing a cultural retreat where visitors can enjoy some of the world’s best art in quiet contemplation.