Get Your Thrills at These Theme Parks – As Chosen by the Daredevils at Park Grand London Hotels

Theme Park

When planning a trip to London, you’ll want to see everything the city has to offer – from shopping districts to theme parks. If you’re staying at one of our Park Grand London Hotels, there are three fantastic large-scale theme parks that are easily accessible. Read on to find out more about the parks and how you can get to them from our 4 star hotels in London.

Chessington World of Adventures

If you want a great mix of rides for adults, teens, and younger children, then Chessington makes for a super day out. Here you’ll find 10 different themed ‘lands’ with more than 40 attractions across the whole park. There’s also a zoo to explore and a sea life centre so the whole family can get to know aquatic animals a bit better.

How do I get here? Located in Chessington, just outside of Central London, Chessington World of Adventures is 50 minutes away if travelling by car. You can also travel by Tube and then train, departing from Paddington Station, which takes approximately 1hr 20mins.

Tickets can be bought at a reasonable price, or you can a get a discount by booking in advance.

Thorpe Park

Thrope Park

For true thrill seekers, Thorpe Park is definitely the best choice of park. There’s a myriad of excellent rollercoasters for adults and older children to enjoy. These include The Swarm, the UK’s first ‘winged’ rollercoaster; Nemesis Inferno, the sequel to popular ride Nemesis found at sister park Alton Towers; and Stealth, a 1950s drag race themed coaster that goes from 0 to 80mph in 1.8 seconds.  If big coasters aren’t your thing there’s plenty more besides too, including teacup rides, dodgems and mazes.

How do I get here? Thorpe Park is in the town of Chertsey. From our Park Grand London Hotels it’s accessible by Tube and train, which takes approximately 2hrs, or you can drive in around 45-50 minutes.

Standard tickets can be bought at a nominal price, or you can a get deals for groups and families.

Legoland Windsor

A real treat for younger children, you can immerse yourself in a world of Lego at Legoland Windsor. There’s plenty of rides to enjoy that are thrilling for kids without being too intense. There’s over 50 attractions spread over a sprawling 150 acres. From battles with Vikings to riding majestic dragons, Legoland is sure to spark the imagination of all small children and big kids too!

How do I get here? There are regular trains from Paddington to Slough, and then it’s possible to get a bus from Slough to Windsor – all in all this only takes around an hour. Or, if you have access to a car, Legoland is just a short 45 minute drive out of the city centre.

Tickets can be bought at a pocket friendly price.

There’s no doubt you’ll feel a little tired after a day exploring one of these amazing theme parks, the good news is you can return to one of our 4 star hotels in London to kick back and relax. Find out more about the Park Grand London Hotels here.