Find out what all the fuss is about at Trafalgar Square


Address: Westminster, London WC2N 5DN

Anyone planning a visit to London who hopes to attend some of the most iconic destinations in the city should ensure they place Trafalgar Square high on their list of sights to see.

Designed by esteemed architect John Nash in the early 19th century, the square is a vibrant meeting point that commemorates some of the most important historic moments in British history. It is also one of London’s most memorable and recognised landmarks, making it a perfect place to visit for anyone new to the city.

Statues and fountains of Trafalgar Square

Perhaps most famous as the home of Nelson’s Column, Trafalgar Square features four plinths in total, each of which offers a different attraction for visitors to enjoy.

Nelson’s Column was erected in 1805 in commemoration of his victory at the Battle of Trafalgar and over the years a series of changes and renovations have been made to the surrounding square.

Trafalgar Square with St. Martin

For many years, the Fourth Plinth in the north-west corner of the square was empty, but in recent years it has become the platform for a changing roster of cultural and artistic attractions, many of which have brought in visitors from across the globe.

Trafalgar Square is not simply a place to view impressive and historic statues though, as the central fountains are also a perfect meeting point and offer a charm all of their own.

Popular events at Trafalgar Square

Many great events take place throughout the year at Trafalgar Square, which is a popular destination for public gatherings and celebrations. Some of the biggest outdoor gatherings take place at both Chinese New Year and New Year’s Eve, but other events are also regularly held here.

Tube travel to Trafalgar Square

The London Underground network is one of the best ways for visitors and locals alike to get from A to B when planning journeys in the city. It offers a swift and reliable means of transport that connects many areas of the city with relative ease.

Stations that can be found in close proximity to Trafalgar Square include:

  • Embankment (Bakerloo, Circle, District and Northern lines)
  • Piccadilly Circus (Bakerloo and Piccadilly lines)
  • Leicester Square (Northern and Piccadilly lines)
  • Covent Garden (Piccadilly line)

Visitors to the area can also make use of overground rail services from the nearby station of Charing Cross, while bus services also operate around the clock and can provide a swift and affordable means to reach Trafalgar Square and its many surrounding attractions.

Individuals hoping to find more information on local travel arrangements, including station opening times, service timetables and more, can do so by heading to the official website of Transport for London.

Parking for visitors to Trafalgar Square

Many people visit the English capital every year and plan to drive during their time in the city. This can be a great way to get around and the area near to Trafalgar Square is well served in terms of places for people to park, with local facilities including:

  • Leicester Square Car Park (0.2 miles, four minutes’ travel time on foot )
  • Brewer Street NCP (0.5 miles, ten minutes)
  • Bloomsbury Square Car Park (0.9 miles, 19 minutes)
  • Cornwall Road Car Park (0.9 miles, 19 minutes)
  • National Theatre Car Park (0.8 miles, 17 minutes)
  • UPark Waterloo – Addington Road Car Park (0.9 miles, 19 minutes)
  • Abington Street car Park (0.7 miles, 16 minutes)

Anyone planning to drive during their time in central London are reminded that traffic volumes can be high throughout the day, especially during the busy morning and evening rush hours. It is therefore advised that individuals avoid taking to the roads at these times, while planning journeys in advance to avoid the most congested areas can also be highly beneficial.

Other nearby attractions

Finally, it is not simply Trafalgar Square that draws millions of visitors every year to this bustling and vibrant area of the English capital, with an array of great sights to see and activities to enjoy during a trip.

Some of the most thrilling and popular attractions to be found nearby include:

  • Ripley’s Believe It or Not! London (0.4 miles, six minutes’ travel time on foot/via public transport)
  • Chinatown London Market (0.3 miles, six minutes)
  • Southbank Centre Streetwise Valkrie Valkrie (0.7 miles, ten minutes)
  • London Eye (0.6 miles, 12 minutes)
  • Horse Guards Parade (0.3 miles, six minutes)
  • 10 Downing Street (0.4 miles, six minutes)
  • Churchill War Rooms (0.5 miles, nine minutes)
  • St James’s Park (0.4 miles, nine minutes)
  • St James’s Palace (0.5 miles, seven minutes)
  • Green Park (0.7 miles, 12 minutes)
  • Big Ben (0.6 miles, eight minutes)
  • Palace of Westminster (0.6 miles, eight minutes)
  • Westminster Abbey (0.7 miles, nine minutes)
  • The London Dungeon (0.7 miles, ten minutes)
  • Sea Life London Aquarium (0.7 miles, ten minutes)
  • The Vault’s Theatre (one mile, 11 minutes)
  • Somerset House (0.6 miles, 11 minutes)
  • King’s College London (0.7 miles, ten minutes)
  • Lincoln’s Inn Fields (0.9 miles, 13 minutes)
  • The British Museum (0.9 miles, 13 minutes)