Tips for parents travelling to London with teens

parents with teens

Travelling with teenagers can present its own unique challenges, even in a city with as much to do as London. Read on for our top tips to ensure you all get as much from the trip as possible with minimal stress.

Discuss Interests Before You Leave

There’s so much to see and do in London, but that doesn’t mean you all necessarily want to see and do the same things. Don’t be afraid to discuss interests and any areas they’d like to visit with your teens ahead of the trip, so you can either plan around this or veto plans for the sake of practicality or safety concerns. This way any tears or tantrums will be out of the way long before you touch down at the Park Grand London Lancaster Gate, and you’ll all be able to enjoy your trip.

Remain Flexible

Your dream itineraries might not always match up, but are there any areas where there can be a little wiggle room? Perhaps their requests include somewhere they’ve always wanted to eat, or a trip to Harrods, or seeing Oxford Street up-close. Keeping a close eye on the map will allow you to calculate distance and durations of each activity far more ably than either agreeing and then regretting it or dismissing what could be entirely possible without knowing all the facts. When you’re staying at hotels near Bayswater Tube Station you’re very well connected to the rest of the city, and London’s superb public transport system can zap you around in far less time than you might think.

Let them Sleep Late

Depending on the age of your teens, this can be a great chance for the grown ups to head off and see things which teenagers might consider too boring, and it avoids too many mood swings and spoiling the trip by dragging them round regardless! Your holiday should be enjoyable for all of you, so following an action packed day it’s understandable if your teen travellers want to get a little more shut eye while you prefer to dash off and have a leisurely breakfast or a stroll around the city from your base at Park Grand London Lancaster Gate.

Book in Advance Where Possible

Some activities advice advanced booking, and where possible, if they’re a must-see or must-do, then this is certainly a good idea. London is always busy, and during peak seasons it becomes busier still. While it might not seem like as much of an issue when you’re at home planning your holiday, as soon as you arrive in London and realise you can cut through the crowds, you’ll be much happier for it. Knowing the exact time and day you’ll be enjoying certain activities also helps to remove some of the pressure, reassuring younger travellers that these events will definitely be happening, and giving you a better framework to plan your trip accordingly.