Alternative ways to stay fit this New Year in London


Following the indulgence of Christmas, plenty of us start wondering how we can stay fit and active as soon as New Year dawns. If the gym just isn’t your style, then consider one of these other alternative ways to get fit this January…


If you’re not sure whether you’re in the mood for swimming or going to the gym, then this is the ideal sport for you. FloatFit involves high-intensity interval training…while on an inflatable bed floating on the water. If it sounds a bit eccentric, it is – but devotees swear by it as a fun means of getting or staying in shape. The natural ‘wobble’ of the inflatables is said to make each workout that bit more strenuous and challenge the participant a little more. There’s also of course the wish to stay afloat – but inevitably people always end up in the water, so bring a change of clothing just in case! The location changes, so keep an eye on the official website for a class near you while staying at the Park Grand Paddington Court London.

Rave Aerobics

Living for the weekend? Make the weekend come to you with the Rave aerobic workout at GymBox. There’s everything you need to get you in the raving mood, from the perfect music to an exciting laser light display and even a few glow sticks thrown in, to rave in time-honoured style. Don your favourite shades and be ready to get into the spirit of it!

Airborne Fitness

How does trampolining sound? If you can’t remember the last time you set foot on a trampoline, never fear – you’ll soon get into the swing of it at London’s first ever trampoline park. The fitness class utilises over 50 different types of trampoline to help participants reach their fitness goals. As with all great exercise regimes, if you enjoy it, it probably won’t feel like a workout at all!

British Military Fitness

Not sure you’re the stuff a great soldier is made off? Test this theory with the high-intensity fitness classes from British Military Fitness, which require plenty of discipline but are also reputedly ‘civilian friendly’. You’ll be trying some of the moves used by the British Army, RAF and Navy to stay fit, and there’s a real competitive edge to some of the activities. Great for really breaking a sweat before returning to your 4 star hotel in London.

Hula Fit

Thought you’d left hula-hooping behind as a child? Think again with this fun exercise regime designed to strengthen your core in great company. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or simply try a fun new activity, HulaFit can help. The repetitive nature of the hula-hoop means it’s even great for coordination, so you can expect to leave a class walking a little taller and feeling a little stronger as you make your way back to the Park Grand hotel.