All You Need To Know About The London Night Tube

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Beginning in August 2016, the night tube of London has led to city wide ease of transport during weekends. With London being a city that never sleeps, it is only logical that on the weekend, the city becomes a hardened insomniac. With locals and tourists now being able to enjoy London all night without having to worry about catching the last tube, the city has become a lot easier to nocturnally navigate for many people. Whilst it is now easy to travel on the weekend, there are still some differences to regular tube times as well as some fascinating insights into how the recent changes have affected London in general.

Night tubes run less than in the day

One thing to keep in mind when using the night tube is that they don’t run as regularly as other times. For instance, the Victoria line is well known for running efficiently and often in the day time, with at least a tube every 1 minute. With the night tube, you can expect to see a limited services of a tube every 10 minutes. Whilst this still isn’t bad for waiting for the exceptionally nippy tube line, it will still require you to factor in the wait for a tube, especially if you’re in a rush.

When can you get the night tube?

The Night tube runs every Friday and Saturday night between half past midnight and 6 in the morning, giving you a whole nocturnal weekend to enjoy.

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What tubes run the night tube?

Not all tube lines run weekend night tubes. The main ones that do are the Jubilee, Northern Piccadilly, Central and Victoria, whilst parts of the London Overground, specifically the Eastern line running from New Cross to Dalston also run.

The Northern line runs from Morden and Camden Town via Charing Cross and between Camden Town and High Barnet or Edgware. The Central Line runs from White City and Ealing Broadway to Leytonstone and Hainault or Loughton. The Piccadilly Line runs from Cockfosters to Heathrow Terminal 5.

There are more on the way

Not only do we have an abundance of lines already, but once noise reduction and construction work has been completed, we’ll see new night tubes for the Bakerloo and Waterloo & City Line.

Benefits of the night tube

So, what can we expect to see benefit London? Both locals and guests at hotels such as the Park Grand Hotel London have had their lives changed exponentially since the night tube introduction.

Ease of travel for night time workers

For those who work night shifts on weekends, the night tube has revolutionised their commute to and from work, making it safer to travel and takes far less time.

Night time Heathrow travel

For guests coming from Heathrow late night on a weekend or staying at hotels near Great West Road, the night line on the Piccadilly is one of the most useful on the night tube because of its ease of access into central London.