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Park Grand London - protocol
  • Date

    5thMar 2021

  • Local Time
    Local Time


  • London


Night Auditor

Job Description

Job Title: Night Receptionist

Responsible To: Night Manager

Hotel Name: Park Grand Hotels

Location: London

Main Duties & Responsibilities

  • Night Receptionist receives pass over from the Late Duty Manager.
  • Count Management safe and sign float book.
  • Deal with late check ins.
    1. To ensure that the building is secure Control of the switchboard.
    2. Night Receptionist ensures that the Night GSS duties are carried out efficiently and all public and back of house areas are maintained to a very high standards.
  • Generate Opera Balance and Room Rate Report
    1. Follow the list of Night Audit procedures and generate the relevant reports for the relevant departments.
  • Cash up the bar, dealing with all forms of payment.
    1. Run the relevant back up and sign the logbook, inform Management & Accounts of any discrepancies.
    2. Programme Early Morning calls and organise taxis and ensure ordered newspapers are ready.
  • Count float and drop any cash taken.
  • Pass over to the early GSS Reception and Early Duty Manager.


  • Must have a flexible schedule.
  • Understand and appreciate diversity with colleagues and guests Multi-task and prioritize.
  • Knowledge of Opera is preferable.

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