• 25-Jun-2019
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  • London
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Locally London

There's no other city quite like London. Say the word and enduring icons instantly spring to mind - those emblems of a storied city known the world over. But for every Big Ben, Tower Bridge and Trooping the Colour on Horse Guards Parade, there are hundreds of lesser-known yet equally appealing sights, sounds and experiences that make this such an endlessly fascinating city. Here, we curate a few of our favourites - and invite you to share yours.

Staying with Park Grand, you're never far from a new discovery. The classic London streets that surround our hotels are rich in architectural quirks, quintessential London pubs, secret squares and one-off shops. Venture further and you'll find even more to stop you in your tracks - a striking Selfridges window display, an eccentric street market, avant-garde art on the South Bank, or a romantic glade in Green Park, where birdsong vies with the distant hum of traffic. Whatever it is that makes London unforgettable for you, make it a moment shared...


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