Why you should take advantage of your hotel’s fitness centre


Keeping fit and eating healthily has become more important to people today than in recent memory and travelling to a different city or country needn’t relegate it down your list of priorities. Just because you’re not at home, it shouldn’t mean that your fitness regime has to be put on hold.

As such, many people travelling on business and leisure consider having an area dedicated to working out just as important as having Wi-Fi or a TV in their room.

They’re right to feel that way, there are myriad benefits to having a gym or fitness centre at your hotel. Here are just some of them:

Chill out

Contrary to what their name may suggest, fitness centres aren’t all about busting a gut to get in shape. Rather than getting worked up about working out, fitness centres at larger hotels are likely to have a soothing side.

For tourists and leisure travellers, a breakaway should have an element of relaxation and aside from taking in the sights and sounds and appreciating the local culture, the chance to unwind in a fitness centre should be grabbed with both hands.

So if your hotel has facilities on offer like a jacuzzi, sauna, steam room or even massages, you’re pretty much guaranteed to return home feeling more recharged and de-stressed.

Clear your head

Crazy day checking out the sights? Is your mind all worn out after a particularly intense client meeting? Then it’s time for a jog because half an hour on the gym treadmill has been scientifically proven to improve your brain.

It may sound silly but this comes from the American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology, so who are we to argue?

They say that if you exercise hard enough so that you sweat for around 30 to 40 minutes, new brain cells are created. It also improves blood flow at the front of the brain, an area which is associated with clear thinking.

This means that you’re more likely to be able to plan ahead, focus, concentrate, set goals and figure out how to manage your time.

Regular exercise can also improve your sleep and help alleviate any issues connected with stress, depression and anxiety. Sounds perfect for any business travellers following a particularly tough day.

Bust the stress

From aerobics to yoga, any form of exercise can be a stress reliever and even if you don’t have the physique of an athlete, making use of your hotel’s fitness centre can be an effective method of stress management.

You don’t have to go full throttle, but rowing or running can make you feel better; and again, it’s down to what’s going on in your brain.

When you exercise, your brain and nervous system release endorphins, which is a fancy word for hormones that make you feel-good. This is what is often referred to as ‘the runner’s high’, but it can be felt during the aftermath of virtually any sweat-inducing activity.

Trial the gym without the burden of a membership

Not a gym bunny? Don’t worry, not everyone is, but maybe this is the perfect opportunity to realise what you’ve been missing out on.

When at home, the idea of at least £15 going on a gym membership every month can be a huge put-off for some. But in most cases, hotel gyms are thrown in with the price of your room, so here’s the ideal chance to see what all the fuss is about and discover first-hand the benefits of working out in a gym.

Of course, the majority of people would rather water their throat in the bar than wipe sweat away from their forehead on the treadmill, but the benefits of regular, responsible exercise are undeniable and when it comes to having that extra glass of wine or a cheeky dessert, you’ll have earned it.

Have fun

There is often the misconception that exercising is just about hard work and getting sweaty. On face value, it’s understandable why some would think that, but it can be a whole lot of fun and help to improve your mood.

People often give up on regular exercise because they get bored, so if you haven’t come to appreciate the physical rewards yet, then maybe you need to keep your mind occupied somehow so that the actual physical movement is secondary.

Stick on one of your favourite podcasts or audiobooks, even the radio if need be. Just having something else to focus will help you get into a steady rhythm without really thinking about it.

If you’re travelling as a couple or with a group, buddy up with someone else and get competitive by seeing who can run the furthest or row the quickest. Perhaps winning isn’t everything to you so maybe just can chew the fat over how your travels have been so far; it’s certainly better for you than just propping up the bar.