Where to Go In London For A Scenic Walk If It Snows

hyde park london

London is known worldwide for being one of the most beautiful and captivating cities in the world. There are hundreds of historic buildings and iconic landmarks that look even better during winter time when they are covered in a blanket of fresh snow.

Any photographers, ramblers or travellers heading to the Park Grand Paddington Court London this winter will discover a world of scenic beauty right around the corner. Before enjoying a delicious warm dinner at our 4 Star Hotels in London, check out some of these beautiful snowy walking routes.


There are few areas in London where travellers can see so many of the city’s famous landmarks but Southbank is one of these rare spots. As you make your way alongside the beautiful Thames River, you’ll come across iconic attractions such as Big Ben, Westminster Palace and the London Eye. Make your way from the Park Grand Paddington Court London this season and stroll down Southbank as you stare across the river watching snowflakes cover the city in a white blanket. Be sure to pop inside the Southbank Centre on your walk to check out the latest performance schedule and grab a drink.

Hyde Park

There are plenty of parks in London but if you’re looking for amazing views and scenic routes, it doesn’t get much better than Hyde Park. As the city’s most famous greenery, the park attracts millions of people every year. Despite the cold weather and lack of leaves on the trees, there are still plenty of beautiful views to discover. Make your way through the hidden pathways and discover a whole new side to Hyde Park as the snow covers the many monuments and statues in a sheet of white.

Kensington Gardens

Capture some amazing pictures as the winter sun peaks over the horizon and twinkles light through the snow onto the beautiful grounds of Kensington Gardens. Home to the historic Kensington Palace and birthplace of Queen Victoria, this popular greenery provides a peaceful and quiet place for couples to spend the day holding hands and taking in the sights. Although the flowers which cover the grounds during the summer months won’t be visible, the snow adds a whole new dimension to the gardens which is equally as pretty. Be sure to take your camera along and snap a picture of the amazing Kensington Palace in the background too.

Richmond Park

As you stroll through the wild lands of Richmond Park, you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported away from the busy streets of the city and into the heart of Lapland. The snow-covered evergreen trees scattered throughout the park create a magical winter feeling and the open grasslands look amazing when they are covered in frost. The best part of the park is the hundreds of deer which reside there. Watching them run through the trees and across the snowy grass is a memory you’ll cherish.