Where to find the best examples of 18th Century art near Paddington

National Gallery

For centuries, London has been a place of pilgrimage for art lovers and culture seekers. The city is packed full of galleries, museums and artistic institutions that showcase amazing work from some of the best artists in history.

There are plenty of places to browse gorgeous artwork right around the corner from the Park Grand Paddington and in this post, we’re focusing on the 18th century and the iconic artists of that period. Here are a few of the best places to see classical 18thcentury art while staying at the Park Grand Paddington Hotel.

National Gallery

Trafalgar Square, London

Among the famous art houses of London, the National Gallery is one of the most popular thanks to its huge collection of rare paintings from throughout history. The gallery offers art lovers a timeline of work from artists all over the world, with a wide range of paintings from the 18th century. Walk through the historic halls of the National Gallery and discover work by famous 18th century painters such as Bernardo Bellotto, Aelbert Cuyp and Anthony van Dyck. The gallery itself is an architectural masterpiece so be sure to bring your camera along when you visit the Park Grand Paddington so you can snap some photos.

Tate Britain

Millbank, London

The iconic Tate brand has become synonymous with quality art in London. For decades the collection of galleries and art houses have provided locals and travellers with a vast range of works from all areas and movements in the world of art. The Tate Britain specialises in showcasing a range of different art types but the classical collection of paintings and statues are particularly popular. The huge gallery in Millbank features a wonderful collection of 18th century work that any fans of classical art will love. Spend the afternoon strolling through Tate Britain and discover a world of art you never knew that existed.

Royal Academy of Arts

Piccadilly, London

If there’s one place that any local London art lover will suggest that you visit during your time in the city, it is the Royal Academy of Arts. This famous institute has been a pillar of creativity and culture for over 200 years and continues to be one of London’s most popular artistic hotspots. The 18th century collection is spread throughout the many installations and exhibits within the academy. You’ll discover a wide range of paintings, sculptures and drawings as your peruse the collections.

Dulwich Picture Gallery

Gallery Road, London

We’ve saved the best for last with the addition of this iconic but often overlooked art house in Southwark. The Dulwich Picture Gallery specialises specifically in work of artistic masters of the 17th and 18th centuries. Here is where you’ll find some of the rarest and most beautiful paintings from the era. If you’re a fan of classical art, this gallery is a must-see. The beautifully designed building poses a contemporary contrast to the art that is housed inside and is sure to generate conversation just as much as the paintings themselves.