What To Do on a 5-Day Holiday in London


When people book a holiday, most of us spend a lot of time initially looking up guide books and blogs to see what kind of things we can do to really enjoy our time away. However – and depending on how far ahead you normally book trips – it can often be that you get into the daily routine of life and don’t start thinking about what to do and see on your holiday until a couple of days beforehand.

If you’re making plans last minute then it’s easy to feel flustered, particularly when you’re visiting somewhere like London, which has so much to offer to a wide variety of people looking to have a great time on holiday!

However, you need not worry because we have pulled together this article to outline an amazing five-day trip to the Big Smoke that you can use for reference.

Day one

Portobello Road Market

On your first day, it’s a good time to do some initial exploration of the city, to get your bearings and see some famous attractions that you’ve heard about.

With this in mind, we would suggest that you head in the direction of Westminster and go for a nice gander around the area. There are several organised walks around here, including the Royal and Political walks, which will take you around the different attractions. You can expect to see Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Number Ten Downing Street and it should take about two hours if you don’t stop to take pictures.

Day two

London Market

You’ve had a walk around and now you know everywhere in the city – well, not really but we hope you’ve gotten into the pattern of London by now – so you’re ready to check out some culture. Where is the best place for this? Museums, of course!

South Kensington is the best place to start because there are a whole bunch in a row, including the Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum, which is referred to locally as the V&A.

This part of town is also right next to Knightsbridge, which means that you’re walking distance from Harrods, if you feel like some retail therapy.

Day three

Trafalgar Square

It’s time to take a whirl around London’s exciting theatre district and set yourself in the direction of the West End.

Although it’s always good to be prepared ahead of time, by pre-booking tickets and checking out reviews of shows, you can actually get tickets for famous musicals and plays on the day they’re showing.

To get cheap tickets, you want to visit the half-price ticket booths in Leicester Square, but be prepared to queue if you’re going to be there on the weekend. The booths don’t open until early afternoon, so you don’t need to be standing around early in the morning. You’re sure to get tickets for something that you really want to see.

Before or after you get your tickets, it’s a fun idea to walk around Leicester Square and Covent Garden, which are home to many beautiful buildings and independent boutiques for some really interesting souvenirs.

Day four

London family

If your fourth day in London happens to be on a Saturday then you absolutely have to go to check out the markets. There are so many to choose from and each has something different and special to offer – you can spend hours just wandering around and looking but we know you’ll find it hard not to make some purchases!

Saturdays are great for visiting Notting Hill Market, which is host to hundreds of stalls boasting stunning antiques. The area itself is striking too and there are lots of brightly coloured shop fronts that will beckon you in to browse.

We’re sure that you’ll work up an appetite with all the walking around you’re doing though, which is why we think you should head to Borough Market – home of delicacies and treats.

Day five

london cinema

Although it’s your last day, there are still lots of things that you will have time to do, including journeying a little way outside of London itself.

There are amazing towns and villages to visit that are just a stone’s throw away from the city and it’s a nice way to work in an extra journey on your trip. We recommend taking the train from Waterloo Station and heading in the direction of Windsor.

Windsor is still along the banks of the River Thames and was originally built by William the Conqueror in the 11th Century. These days, it’s a stunning and affluent town, where you’ll find Windsor Castle, one of the residences of the Royal Family, so it’s perfect for some tourism opportunities and also to learn a little more about British history.

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