Watch the Thrilling Dance Works of Hofesh Shechter


Sadler’s Wells Associate Artist Hofesh Shechter has become one of the most notable young artists in lately in the United Kingdom. The dance work company led by Hofesh Shechter features an international crowd of veteran and superb dancers and musicians. The group performs contemporary dance that has startled audiences of all ages and interests with the work.

Hofesh Shechter is again ready to amaze the public with its town most acclaimed works, Uprising and The Art of Not Looking Back.

The Uprising is a highly breathtaking work that leaves audiences amazed. On 24th June, 2006, this dance work was premiered for the first time at the Robin Howard Dance Theatre. The dance work showcases the dance act of seven male dancers that emerge from the shadows to shower the stage with infuriated energy. Set to a thumping percussive music, this vivacious production acts inspired with the concept of masculinity, exploring brotherhood and friendship and is considered as a quantum leap work.

The Art of Not Looking Back was played in the year 14th May, 2009. This dance work was commissioned by Brighton Festival. Inspired by the outstanding female dancers of Hofesh Shechter Company, this dance work explores loss and separation and depicts the favourite theme of Shechter- “Man against the world,” in a different and alluring light.

If you love art in any form and specially you want to enjoy amazing dance work, then you should definitely visit the Sadler’s Well, Roseberry Avenue, London, were the work is being played. From April 27 to April 29, 2013, the dance work will be played from 4:00pm to 7:30pm.