Visit the Many Famous Squares of London

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Some of the finest and most attractive public spaces to be found in the English capital are undoubtedly London’s many squares, with a wide selection of fantastic attractions that are unique to each.

Visitors to London who are hoping to see as much of the city as possible during their stay should plan their getaway to include at least a few of these wonderful destinations, with many offering a rich and interesting history for guests to explore.

Here are the details of just some of the capital’s best-loved and famous squares and public spaces. We hope you enjoy them!

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square with St. Martin

Originally built in the 14th century and one of the most iconic landmarks of the city throughout the ages, Trafalgar Square continues to hold a place in the heart of all Londoners, as a commemoration of the capital’s and Britain’s rich and compelling history.

Featuring monuments to some of the UK’s most courageous figures, including Admiral Lord Nelson, the plinths of Trafalgar Square also feature prominent figures from the nation’s past and a changing roster of contemporary artwork for visitors to enjoy.

One of the most popular meeting spots in the whole of London, the square can count itself among the must-see attractions of any first-time visitor to the capital.

Leicester Square

Leicester Square, London

A hub of entertainment and activity in the heart of city, the famous Leicester Square in London is surrounded by theatres, cinemas, clubs, cafes and all manner of fantastic attractions that visitors will simply love.

Dating back to the 18th century, the square also has a rich heritage on which to draw, with Leicester Square originally a residential area and home to some of London’s most luminary individuals, including artists William Hogarth and Joshua Reynolds.

Today, the square is perhaps best known as being a focal point for the prominent West End theatre district, with an array of theatrical enticements always on offer for guests to enjoy.

Grosvenor Square

Grosvenor Square London

A large garden square in the exclusive London borough of Mayfair, Grosvenor Square is the centrepiece of the Mayfair property of the Duke of Westminster.

Today, the square is open to the public and is bounded by several notable buildings, including No.1 Macdonald House (the former High Commission of Canada to the United Kingdom), No. 24 The Embassy of the United States of America, and No. 38 The Embassy of Indonesia.

Some famous names have also graced Grosvenor Square with their London residence down the years, with perhaps the most noteworthy being the irrepressible Oscar Wilde.

Parliament Square

Panorama of Parliament Square -LondonA green and airy space in the north-west corner of the Palace of Westminster, Parliament Square features a large, open, grassed area and has been the site of some notable events down the years, from lively demonstrations to public exhibitions.

Parliament Square is an oasis of greenery in the heart of some of the most important and powerful premises in the UK, with the Palace of Westminster home to both the House of Commons and House of Lords.

A total of ten statues of notable statesmen and individuals surround the square, including Winston Churchill, David Lloyd George, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi.

Russell Square

Russell Square London

Another large garden square, this time in the Bloomsbury area of the London Borough of Camden, Russell Square can be found in close proximity to several prominent London landmarks, including the British Museum and the University of London.

It is a leafy, open space that is just perfect for visitors hoping to sit back and relax after a busy day of sightseeing in the local area.

The square is named after the Earls and Dukes of Bedford and dates as far back as the 17th century. It remains a popular meeting and picnic spot even to this day.

Soho Square

Soho square londonBuilt in 1895, re is a place of calm amidst the bustling district of Soho – an area renowned for its exuberant nightlife and entertainment.

It was originally named King Square in commemoration of Charles II, whose statue still stands in the square today. With beautiful gardens and places to relax, the square has at its centre a mock-Tudor building, created in half-timber in white and black that is now used by the square’s gardeners.

Soho Square is a perfect spot for relaxation and acts as a fitting juxtaposition against the busy nature of the area close by.


What squares are in London?

There are 9 squares in London, they are as follows:

Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, Parliament Square, Berkeley Square, Grosvenor Square, Soho Square, Sloane Square, Russell Square, St. James Square

What is the famous square in London?

Trafalgar Square is the most famous and most visited square in London.