Visit the many exciting galleries of Soho


Art and culture are synonymous with any visit to the English capital, as London offers not only some of the most unique and historically intriguing attractions on the planet, but it is also home to a wealth of outstanding galleries that showcase work from some of the most renowned and respected artists.

Here we offer a glimpse into the exciting world of the London gallery scene and offer some simple advice on some of the best art venues that can be found in the bustling and vibrant Soho area:

The Photographer’s Gallery

Address: 16-18 Ramillies Street, London W1F 7LW

The largest public art gallery in London dedicated solely to photography, the Photographer’s Gallery offers a look at work from both the latest talent to established names. It is the place to see photography in all its forms and it even offers a range of internships for those hoping to develop a career in the arts.

galleryFounded in 1971 in a converted tea room, the gallery has since witnessed more than four decades of exemplary photographic works and remains, to this day, one of the West End’s hidden cultural gems.

Riflemaker Gallery

Address: 79 Beak Street, London W1F 9SU

A contemporary art space in the centre of one of London’s most vibrant and eclectic areas, the Riflemaker Gallery has made a name for itself through the wide variety of exhibitions that have made their home here since its opening in 2004.

Recent exhibitions have included Judy Chicago, William S Burroughs, Alice Anderson, Penelope Slinger, Josephine King, Stuart Pearson Wright, Leah Gordon, Juan Fontanive and John Maeda.

Anthony Reynolds Gallery

Address: 60 Great Marlborough Street, London W1F 7BG

Opened in 1985 in the heart of Soho, the Anthony Reynolds Gallery has been renowned among the finest galleries in the whole of London for the past 30 years.

Building a name as one of the best places to find aspiring and innovative new artists, the gallery continues to attract the very best in art and culture, all built on the guiding principle that any artist who displays here must have an instinctive conviction about the importance or potential of their work.

Karsten Schubert

Address: 46 Lexington Street, London W1F 0LP

The Karsten Schubert Gallery opened in 1986 and quickly became known as the place to visit to find the best in young British artistic talent. Today, the gallery remains a hothouse of fantastic art and culture, with the German-born Schubert now one of the English capital’s most respected art dealers and collectors.

Exhibitions at the gallery range from the avantgarde to the contemporary, with recent works on display including those from Ann-Marie James, Bob Law, Bridget Riley, Roelof Louw, and many more besides.

Payne Shurvell Gallery

Address: 1B Howitt Road, London NW3 4LT

Payne Shurvell Gallery specialises in all things related to the contemporary art scene and over the years has seen its fair share of controversy surrounding its choice of exhibitions and works on show.

Famously closed to the public in 1971 during the exhibition of Margaret Harrison on the grounds of infringing public decency, other standout exhibitions at this popular venue have included the eclectic A Bright and Guilty Place, Wild England and Energy is Eternal Delight, to name but a few.

Sadie Coles HQ

Address: 62 Kingly Street, Soho, London W1B 5PW

Another contemporary art space in the heart of Soho, Sadie Coles HQ first opened in 1997 and has since gone on to develop quite a name for itself as a place where anything goes. The gallery focuses on the work of established and emerging international artists.

It offers a variety of distinctive spaces all dedicated to different forms of art, with many great names having displayed their works over the years, such as Carl Andre, Matthew Barney, Avner Ben-Gal, Frank Benson, John Bock and many more.

Art lovers’ travel options to Soho

Visitors hoping to make the journey to Soho and its vibrant gallery scene with as little stress as possible should consider the advantages of the London Underground network, which offers several public service stations in the local area.

Stations in close proximity to Soho and its many attractions include:

  • Tottenham Court Road (Central and Northern lines)
  • Leicester Square (Northern and Piccadilly lines)

Meanwhile, anyone planning to make use of overground rail services can visit the area via the nearby stations of Charing Cross, Victoria and Euston; all of which are within easy walking distance of this popular London borough.

Travellers hoping to find out more about local public transport options can do just that by heading to the official website of Transport for London. Here they will find up-to-date service timetables and details of potential disruptions, as well as station opening and closing times.