Upcoming Events in Kensington 2014


As one of the most popular areas in London, there is always a lot going on in Kensington.  We have gathered together some of the upcoming events this year:

Easter Events

There are a number of special Easter events taking place in Kensington.  The Easter Egg at Kensington Gardens is always a popular fixture or alternatively, take part in the hunt at The Roof Gardens; whilst your children hunt for eggs in the Spanish Gardens you can relax in the bar area.

Georgian Masked Ball

In May, Kensington Palace will be holding a very special slumber party – a Georgian ‘Mask and Music Ball’.  An event for the whole family, this will feature mask making and storytelling from some wonderful court characters.  Guests will then sleep in one of the palace’s staterooms before enjoying a kingly breakfast the following morning.

Fashion Rules

A must visit for any budding fashionista, the ‘Fashion Rules’ exhibition features rare dresses from HM Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret and Diana, Princess of Wales.  From the 1950’s through to the present day, some of the most exquisite dresses ever seen are displayed here.  This exhibition will be open until summer 2015.

Greece Welcomes You In London

Taking place at the Olympia National, this summer event brings all the best elements of Greece; the food, the fashion, the stunning architecture, right into the centre of London, allowing guests to learn more about this amazing culture and its diverse history.


This summer, the Natural History Museum will build a tropical summer house right outside on the museum lawn.  Visitors will be able to take on butterfly challenges, try out games and activities and explore the life cycle of the butterfly from caterpillar right through to beautiful butterfly whilst walking amongst hundreds of stunning free-flying tropical butterflies.

These are just a small percentage of the events taking place in Kensington this year.  If you are visiting London, be sure to check online for current events and see whether there is anything of interest to you at the time of your visit.