Ultimate Guide to Boxing Day Sales in London


If you’ve been extra careful with your finances in anticipation of the festive season, or were lucky enough to receive a little money as a gift over the Christmas period, then where better to spend it than London?

With so many amazing high end and designer shops, incredible department stores and big high street names, London simply teems with shoppers during the Boxing Day sales as they all go in search of that post-festive season bargain.

For those staying at the Park Grand London hotel on Boxing Day this year, this handy guide will help you make the most of the sales and give you a few tips on how to make your money go even further.

Have a Plan of Attack

Just ambling around the already crowded shops looking at all of the sale items can be time-consuming, so it’s always good to have a strategy for where you want to go if you are looking for a particular item. Many of the shops near to the Park Grand Paddington Court get filled to the brim with bargain hunters at this time of year, so decide what kind of items you are looking to bag for yourself and make a list of the shops you’ll be hitting during your shopping spree.

For designer items such as handbags and accessories, head to Harrods or Liberties first and be sure to get there early as there is usually a long line of eager shoppers waiting outside to get in to make the most of the significant post-Christmas reductions.

If you are more of a high street darling, then Oxford Street is easy to reach from our Park Grand hotel Heathrow and has the big brands you know and love with some great savings to be had.

Pack Smart

Shopping can be great fun, but if you’re suffering from sore feet and aching legs, then you might find that you have to cut your Boxing Day sales trip short to go and rest up. Before you head off to our  Park Grand London hotel, make sure that you pack a pair of your most comfortable shoes and have plenty of lightweight layers in your travel bag as it can get a little chilly on the streets of London at this time of year.

You’ll also be popping in and out of shops all day and be surrounded by people, so having a lightweight jacket or coat that you can remove easily it a great idea to keep you comfortable.

Take a Break

Taking a break away from the hustle and bustle of London’s busy shopping districts is an excellent way of recharging your batteries and giving your feet a breather, so why not give one of our sumptuous ice cream afternoon teas a try for something a little different?

Light enough for you to continue your shopping marathon without feeling stuffed but with plenty of sweet treats and delicate sandwiches to keep you going well until your evening meal, this particular afternoon tea features creamy ice cream in a variety of flavours and is just perfect for shoppers that have a love of great food.

As soon as you’ve finished your ice cream afternoon tea, take a moment to appraise your purchases so far and drop off any bags in your hotel room so you can head off on the hunt for more great bargains.

Make the Most of Public Transport

London is lucky enough to benefit from an extensive underground system which takes visitors from the Park Grand London hotel to many of the shopping districts located throughout the city. We highly recommend making the most of this efficient and low-cost mode of transport to get around.

From the Park Grand Paddington Court, it takes just 25 minutes to reach the quirky Camden Town area with its array of weird and wonderful shops. Many of these stores and boutiques are independently owned, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t take part in the Boxing Day sales and give shoppers the chance to get their hands on something totally unique at a knocked down price.

Camden is also famed for its bustling market and handcrafted items such as jewellery and pieces of artwork from up and coming new talent, so it’s well worth setting aside a few hours during your stay at the Park Grand Hotel Heathrow so see what’s on offer in this vibrant and unique part of town.

Oxford Street is just a short Tube ride away too, so feel free to pop back to your hotel to drop off those heavy bags before heading off to see what else the sales have to offer.

Shop Around

With so many shops and department stores to choose from, it can be easy to get carried away in all of the excitement of the Boxing Day sales and overspend on products that you might not actually need. To stop you blowing your pay packet and hauling dozens of items back to the Park Grand Paddington Court simply to have them sit in a drawer at home, make a list of the things that you most want and vow to stick to an assigned budget.