Ultimate Checklist for Planning Your London Meeting

london meeting

London is the perfect city for networking.

With its expansive choice of event spaces spanning from Ealing to the Docklands, the world (or, at least the city!) is your oyster when it comes to picking a spot to plan your event. Each area has its own personality, all with easy access to and from differing parts of the city.

For example, if you’re staying at the Park Grand London, travelling to almost any area of London is no hassle at all with easy access to major public transportation links.

A Hub for Business

In terms of thriving industry hubs around the world, London tops the list.

Whether your focus is entertainment, tech, or finance, there are areas in London with spaces built to cater to your professional needs. This includes the flexible meeting rooms at our own London Hyde Park Hotel!

So, what kind of business meeting are you planning?

Whether it’s a large networking event or just a one-on-one sales pitch, London in general (and Park Grand London in particular) is the perfect place for your next meeting. With the venue sorted, we thought we’d help you consider all of the other moving parts involved in planning an effective business meeting.

This checklist of planning tips will help you ensure your event runs smoothly and has everything – if not more – than you need to succeed.

Planning in advance

One of the most important tips for organising your event is to ensure that you start planning well enough in advance.

Plans always require more organisation than you first think, so ensuring that you have started well ahead of time – even up to 6 months before the planned event – will mean that the workload can be distributed in a manageable way over a longer period.

Now, of course, some work events may only need to be booked a few weeks in advance, but if you’re planning a large-scale event, you’ll want to put a few months at least between you and the event.

What are your objectives?

The first point in planning your London event is to decide what your objectives are.

Are you planning this meeting as a large networking event, or as a celebration? Whatever your objective, it will shape what you plan to include within the event.

What’s your budget?


Budget is important to think about early on.

Give yourself a range and aim for somewhere in the middle, giving you leeway to spend more if necessary. Staying strict about your budget bracket is important, especially if it’s coming out of your own pocket, or that of your employers.

Who will you hire for catering?

Narrowing down your catering shortlist will be important to organise early on, especially if you want to book them in advance and avoid disappointment on the day.

Catering teams are in high demand in London, and deciding what style of food you’d like served, if any, is important to nail down early. The food or drinks being served will help to shape the style of your event.


The venue you choose for your event is important and your decision should factor in your initial objectives.

Bigger spaces will imply a more social element, whilst lecture halls and conference rooms suggest a more formal atmosphere. Of course, we also think it’s important to consider the comfort of your attendees.

Our recommendation? Take advantage of London hotel special offers and host the event and house your guests in the same place.

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12 weeks before

Once your event reaches the 12-week mark, it’s time to start upping the ante. Now is the time to confirm and nail down the nitty-gritty of your event.

Confirm your photographer

A photographer is necessary to ensure the public presence of your event. Whilst there are many photographers in London, most will want to be booked far in advance, so do your research and ensure you’ve locked them in at least two months before your event takes place.

Confirm your catering after sending your invites

The same goes for the catering team.

You’ll want to begin organising the menus once your invites have been sent out. Make sure that your invites have a dietary requirements section in their RSVP, ensuring that you have all the information you need to choose the right catering team for your guests.

Confirm your entertainment

The entertainment you opt for depends entirely on your objectives.

If you are looking for an informal edge to your evening, then comedians or live music could be the perfect option. If you’re organising a conference, low key mood-setting music between events might be the best route to take.

Start producing any printed material

Have you considered the branding of your event? You should always ensure that you stand out from the crowd, which might mean hiring a graphic designer for the on the day brochures or flyers. If you’re representing a company, make sure that all of your copy is in keeping with the tone of the business you’re representing.

Just before your event

It’s crunch time now, and your mind should be focused on last-minute prep.

With many factors to juggle, you’ll need to make sure that you and your team have all sides covered. This point can be the most stressful, but keep it together as you’ve nearly organised your dream event!

Lockdown the schedule

If you have speakers, decide the running order. If you are organising a networking event, make sure your attendees have enough time to mingle and get to know each other. Any entertainment should be spread evenly throughout the day or evening.

Confirm any media attendance

If you are planning on publicity, then last-minute guest lists and press passes should be the last option on your agenda.

Press pass holders could always drop out, it’s the nature of the game, so ensure that you maintain a flexible attitude towards the names on your list.

Enjoy the fruits of your labour!

You’ve put months into the planning of your event. Now is the time to enjoy what you’ve created. Whilst you might have duties on the day, this shouldn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your creation, so give yourself a chance to sit back and relax!

Ready to start planning your next big meeting in London? Get in touch with Park Grand London for more information about our meeting rooms and amenities for business travellers.