Types of Romance

Types of Romance

Romance is an expression of our emotional feelings, particularly love, towards another person. It implies deep and strong emotional desires to connect with the other person intimately or romantically. It is also the culmination of our natural instincts to create a bond with one another which is expressed through verbal communications or gestures and other social interactions with the intention of forming positive and long-lasting relationships. A romantic stay in London in one of the romantic hotels is one of the ways in which to express your love and spend some quality time together so that your romance can blossom.

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There are many different types of romance. Romantic love which can be seen in different relationships also takes the shape of platonic love which is between parents and their kids, between siblings and even between friends but it is completely sans sexual relations. However, the most common type of romance is between a man and a woman that includes sexual relations and in most cases culminates in marriage.

A common type of romance is the Popular Romance that is prevalent in most cases and covers a wide ambit, predominantly referring to the usual form of romance that we see in movies and in real life between a man and a woman when they “fall in love”.

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It can also be idealistic, predictable or unpredictable. Popular romance as is experienced while on a romantic stay in London could consume a large volume of time and energy of the partners. It could also be out of control, material and commercial leading to societal gains. Popular romance is mostly characterised by physical and sexual relationships which forms the sheet anchor of love in contemporary practices. It can also be grand and demonstrative.

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The other form of romance is Divine Romance which has a more realistic basis and gives the backdrop for an abiding relationship between partners. It gives the feel of a commitment for a life-long companionship which in later stages may be completely bereft of physical relationships. It is also emotional and personal, intimate and infinite which is practised in the case of love of God which is unconditional and everlasting. Divine love envisages total surrender to God and follows the theological principle of knowing, loving and serving the Almighty.