Attractions close to Craven Hill


London has countless attractions that help to make it one of the most visited destinations in the world. People who visit the city are mesmerised by its fascinating history, its stunning Gothic architecture and modern museums, art galleries and countless other wonders that adorn the city.

The Craven Hill area is a very popular destination with foreign tourists, who stay at the numerous hotels near Craven Hill. This is because of the area being centrally located and it offers excellent connectivity to all parts of London. Another benefit of staying at any of the hotels near Craven Hill is there are a number of tourist attractions in the vicinity, just a stroll away.

Some of the popular tourist attractions are as follows: 

Art Work Space
It is at the Hemptel Hotel, where you will find art creations displayed in a variety of media. It features works of upcoming and emerging artists in painting, photography, drawing and print etc. It also houses The Gallery, which is known to be a popular spot for corporate meetings, corporate presentations etc. It offers great lighting, is air conditioned and offers free wireless to visitors. With facilities to accommodate up to a 100 persons it comes equipped with its own entrance and private bar. If you are on a business trip and need a venue for a product launch or fashion show this is the ideal place.

Princess of Wales Memorial Playground: If you are with the family and want to take the kids for a pleasant stroll, the commemorative playground is just great to visit. It houses a finely designed pirate ship that is placed in the midst of fine white sand. You will find kids climbing up its rigging to the ship’s crow nest, exploring the cabins on the ship and having a great deal of fun. Then there is the fountain of the mermaids with its rocky outcrops that are a lovely place to frolic in the cool water. Further up there is a Red Indian teepee camp with delightful looking wigwams and also a tree house encampment area. There are walkways that are slung between the trees and with ladders and slides it is extremely popular with children.  What makes it all the more attractive is its landscape, which also includes willow trees, scented shrubs and bamboo amidst curved sculptures that adorn the area. In case the kids feel peckish there is a café in the vicinity, with a menu specially designed to cater to their tastes. During summers there is free entertainment in the form of a variety of special programmes, which are organized on weekdays. What makes this place unique is that adults need to accompany kids to the place, as they are not allowed in without kids.

The Serpentine Gallery: You will find the Serpentine Gallery situated smack between Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. It provides an excellent venue for artists both from within Britain as well as from abroad where they can showcase their talents and creativity. The exhibitions are changed frequently and during summer months it plays host to its famous Summer Party, which is a hit with those on the social circuit such as models, celebrities, movie stars and other well known people from high society.     For those who are artistic in temperament, the Summer Pavilion is perfect for a visit where every year a renowned architect is given the onus of creating a temporary structure, besides the gallery during summer. Some of the most intriguing exhibitions are held at the Summer Pavilion.

The Serpentine Boating Lake: Within the confines of London’s famous Hyde Park lies the Serpentine Lake, which is generated by an underground spring. In summer months when the mercury does rise a bit and things get warm and humid it is the perfect place to relax. You could opt for a boating experience on this lake with both rowboats and pedalos available for hire. It is perfect for a swim with a lido area specially created for swimmers, where you could take a dip and cool off to beat the summer heat. Its name originates from its shape which curves like a serpent towards the West part of the park. It is a favorite with locals and Londoners alike who find it a perfect place to leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city and spend a relaxed afternoon. For those who like to walk or take a jog there are tracks built for this express purpose in the park. For a bite and refreshments there is The Lido Café and the Serpentine Bar & Kitchen. A great place to spend a lazy afternoon with the family!

The Princess Diana Memorial Fountain: It took more than a year to construct and had its share of controversy. It was discovered that the granite used posed a hazard as it is slippery when wet. With the necessary modifications made, it was then opened to the public in memory of Princess Diana. It is an impressive creation being carved from Cornish granite through which the water flows over the contours of the fountain’s shape. Its special feature is that it blends in perfectly with the landscape around.

There always is staff around the place in summer, to ensure that kids playing in the water do not meet with any mishaps.  It is a popular site with kids as well as adults and a lovely place to spend some quality time at.