Top Tips for Perfectly Documenting your Trip to London

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Heading to London for a holiday? Whether you’re a regular visitor or it’s your first time in the city, we’re sure you’ll want to remember your amazing adventures for a life time. And the best way to do that is to document your activities as you go, so you’ll have something to look back on for years to come.

Looking for creative ways to document your stay? We’re here to help. Here are some of our top tips for doing just that.

Going for digital

If you’re technology savvy and want to keep things in one place (i.e. your laptop, your camera, or your phone) here are the tips for you:

Start a travel blog


One of the options that’s becoming the most popular way for globetrotters to document their travels is to keep a travel blog, because if it goes well, you could potentially even turn it into a business! On your travel blog you could cover everything from accommodation reviews and tips for finding London Hotels Special Offers, to sharing details of all the amazing things you got up to, and your tips and tricks for your readers doing the same.

It’s easier than ever to start a blog nowadays, with sites offering domains for as little as £12 a year.

Start a vlog

If writing isn’t your bag, and instead you prefer to be a bit more hands on and in the middle of the action, why not start a video blog (or vlog, for short)? This can be a really great visual way to showcase your surroundings, and can be a little less time consuming than a blog as you can literally just film and go! (And what a great way to make your loved ones back home green with envy as you give them a tour around your room at the Park Grand London Hyde Park!).

You could keep your vlogs personal and private for you, or you could share them on the likes of YouTube.

Start a travel social media account

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A carefully curated Instagram or Pinterest feed is a quick and easy way to capture your memories in a primarily visual, real world, real time way. You’ve probably already got an Instagram and/or Pinterest account, but why not make a travel specific one, so that all of your London adventures are kept in one place? Don’t forget to tag Park Grand Hotels London in your snaps, too!

Make a video

If you’re especially handy with a video camera, or just super savvy with the video on your phone, you could make a video montage or series of your trip. Just be wary of where you are shooting your film. There are lots of public spaces (and of course private ones, too) that you’re not legally allowed to film in, in London without a permit, such as the London Underground, for example.

Create a fun photo series

Why not start a fun photo series that differs from the standard shots you’re likely to see of London on Instagram? Get creative with props, poses and settings, and show your loved ones a different, quirky side of the city. Many avid travellers have got creative using things like Lego figures, and funny selfies.

Create a playlist

More into your music than your photos? Why not make a playlist of your adventures in the city? London’s music scene has a rich history and is incredibly diverse depending on which borough you’re in, so this can be a great way to remember the different parts of the city.

Keeping it old school

Prefer things a little more traditional, or outside the box? Look no further than the below…

Keep a journal

travel journal

A lovely, personal way to remember your trip forever is to document it using a humble journal. Jot down everything from your thoughts and feelings, to your favourite meals and recipe ideas to take home, wise words from locals and fun London sayings.

Make a scrap book

Make your journal a little more interactive and memorable by turning it into a scrap book, jam packed with little mementos from your trip. Stick in stuff from photos to receipts, beer mats to ticket stubs and everything in between!

Create photo books

One for when you get home, but turn your fun and fabulous photos into photo books that you can pull out and look at when you fancy a trip down memory lane. This is basically an old school version of Instagram, so perfect for those who love all things traditional and sentimental.

Keep a memory box

Speaking of sentimental, a memory box is a classic way to capture and keep those little things that made your trip so special. Fill it with weird and wonderful things you encountered in London, and guarantee yourself a smile every time you look at it.

Send letters to yourself

There’s something really sweet about postcards, which people have a habit of forgetting about these days. You maybe will send your mum and dad and/or a couple close friends a postcard, but sending yourself a one can be fun to look back on, too. Or if you want to go into a bit more detail, you could send full letters.

Keep a sketch book

Are you super arty, and a dab hand with a pencil, pen, water colours or paint? Why not keep an art or sketch book of the amazing sights that you see? There are loads of beautiful places for art lovers to experience in London, from world class galleries to stunning architecture, and even just pulling up a pew along the Thames you’ll be surrounded by inspiration for an art piece. Your work could make a great gift for fellow London lovers, too!

Start a collection

If you’re a fan of having something physical to help you remember your travels, why not start a collection of something? You could start collecting anything from thrifty options such as pebbles, stamps, ticket stubs or beer mats, to something slightly more expensive, like jewellery charms, art pieces or decorative spoons, to name a few ideas.