Top Talks in London This Summer


Throughout the year London serves as the meeting place for millions of academics, enthusiasts and professionals to gather round and listen to some of the greatest minds of our time speak. Thousands of talks, lectures and seminars take place all year at many of London’s historic venues, allowing people to broaden their horizons and learn something new. Whether you’re interested in art or you want to hear the latest opinions from your favourite political activist you’ll find a fountain of knowledge, advice and opinion in London. To make sure you’re up to date with the best events we’ve put together this handy list of talks, seminars and lectures taking place over the summer.

London in Summer

ExpeRience: Midsummer night of Science

The wonderful and brilliant Dr Caroline Horton will be gracing the stage at The Royal Institute this summer to outline her thoughts and theories on the phenomenon of dreaming. This talk will be part of the Midsummer of Science event which includes a wide variety of seminars, talks and demonstrations. The historic building of The Royal Institute will be the setting for this wondrous night of science, which aims to explore concepts such as love, dreams and human senses. Find out how the brain experiences dreams and watch in amazement at incredible experiments at this adults-only event. If you’re staying at one of our Park Grand Hotels London be sure to let us know how it went and what you learned.

Philosophy in theory and practice

History is full of great thinkers who have helped hold a mirror up to society by questioning everything from political practice to human nature and religion. This summer you can explore theories by Plato, one of the greatest philosophers of all time. The famous seventh letter, which is believed to have been written by Plato, contains some of the writer’s most profound theories and thoughts. This well be the topic of discussion for Professor Time Addey who’ll be giving the talk at Cecil Sharp House, which is just north of our Paddington Hotel. If you’re a philosophy enthusiast or you want to explore the world of human nature, then check out this insightful lecture.

Afternoon Poems: Railway Rhapsody

London Railway

If you’re a fan of poetry then you will probably already be familiar with the Keats House in London City. It is home to a society of poets that have aimed to uphold the beautiful art of poetry for years by promoting amazing writers and hosting events, talks and seminars. The Keats House calendar is always packed full of new events where visitors can explore the wondrous world of poetry and this summer is no exception. From an afternoon discussing railway-themed poetry to a festival that features some of the country’s best poets, the Keats House summer line-up is sure to have something you’ll enjoy.

Hetty Feather: Using History Creatively

The author of the famous book series Hetty Feather will be discussing her writings this summer at The Foundling Museum. After years of writing, Jacqueline Wilson has gained major recognition and fame for her many titles that explore themes like divorce, adoption and mental illness. Her most well-known creation is the children’s series called Hetty Feather, about a young girl who lives in The Foundling Hospital. Join Jacqueline as she talks about her inspirations, writing history and the adaptation of her famous books into a TV series.