Top 4 Things To Do at Battersea Park

battersea park

Despite its reputation as a concrete jungle, London has more than its fair share of beautiful greenery and parks. Opened in 1958 by Queen Victoria, Battersea Park is just one of the many delightful outside spaces in London.

Spanning across 200 acres, it may not be as big Hyde Park, but that in no way detracts from its beauty. Situated on the South bank of the River Thames and directly opposite Chelsea, Battersea Park is ideal place to spend a day exploring before heading back to your room at The Park Grand Hotel London where you will be able to unwind in comfort. Add these four things to do in Battersea Park to your plan for the day before you head out…


Visit Battersea Park Children’s Zoo

With a whole host of animals ranging from Monkeys, Chinchillas and Lemurs, there is plenty to see for the little ones and ask questions about. They will love watching all the different breeds of animals close up and will even have the opportunity to feed some of them. After this, take them to the adventure playground, where they will be entertained for hours on the slides, climbing walls and life-sized tractor and fire engine.

Play sport

If you’re the type of holidaymaker that likes to stay active during your trip, Battersea Park is the perfect place to get a game going and have fun with friends. The park is a popular hangout spot for local sports players. Whether you’re into football, rugby or cricket, there’s plenty of space to get set up and get the fun started. There’s nothing better than a game of football with friends and a trip to Battersea is sure to get your spirits up this season and help you meet new people.

London Guide

Take a walk

There’s nothing more relaxing than a stroll through one of London’s many green getaways and Battersea Park is the perfect place to start. Whether it’s summer or winter, the park offers an abundance of natural beauty waiting to be discovered. Put on your walking shoes, grab your coat and take a slow walk through the heart of Battersea Park holding hands with your partner. Although the particular greenery is often overlooked by tourists who often visit the larger parks in London, Battersea offers a smaller but more peaceful alternative. The great news is that you can find the park within easy reach of the Park Grand Paddington court so you won’t have to go far.

Go Statue Hunting

Dotted throughout Battersea Park you’ll find a series of statues and monuments that have been erected in memory of different historical figures. If you’re heading to London to discover the rich history of the city, this is a perfect activity to get you closer to London culture and give you plenty of opportunities to snap wonderful holiday photos. Amongst the many hidden gems in the park, you’ll find the Three Standing Figures statue which was created in 1947 by Henry Moore in memory of those who hid in bomb shelters during Second World War attacks.