Things to See and Do in Bayswater

London Eye

London is one of those places that everyone is sure to love visiting time and again, simply because there are so many different things to see and do that the city appeals to nearly everyone’s interests.

Not only this but, thanks to the size of the Big Smoke, there are lots of regions that boast different qualities, from high-end restaurants to fledgling art communities and from theatrical homes to important historical spots. London really does have it all.

One of the particularly interesting areas in London is Bayswater, which is close to lots of famous attractions and is well located to local travel links. There are also a good amount of hotels close to Bayswater Tube Station, so you don’t have to go far to get your head down for the evening.

We’ve had a look at all the things you can do in Bayswater and have collected a list of fun activities to do and sights for you to see when you’re there – have a great time!

London Bridge


This is one of the most famous spots in the city, everyone is sure to have heard of London Bridge and it’s definitely worth seeing up close for yourself.

There have actually been several different versions of London Bridge built over the years and the one that currently stands was opened to traffic in 1973.

Unsurprisingly there is a lot of history surrounding the bridge, so it’s a good idea to join a walking tour that goes here so you can learn more about this amazing feature. There are also a lot of other attractions nearby, so seeing it can be a great part of an entire day out.

The Shard

The Shard

A short walk from London Bridge will lead you in the direction of The Shard, one of London’s newest iconic buildings right in the city centre.

Also known as the Shard of Glass – due to its shape – it’s a 95-storey skyscraper that presents some of the most stunning views of the city at any time of year. Of course, we would suggest that you pick a day when it isn’t overcast or raining as the view will be much clearer.

There are a couple of different viewing decks in The Shard, depending on how confident you are with heights and you can go up in groups or even book a private viewing. It’s a great place to take some time to stop and look at the city, and you can even enjoy it with a side of champagne.

For those of you who want to extend your visit to this amazing building, there are bars and restaurants inside that serve everything from snacks to afternoon tea.

Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Playground

Diana Princess

If you are travelling to London with children then a sure stop on your trip itinerary should be the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Playground. You’ll find it less than half a mile from Bayswater Tube Station and it’s part of Kensington Gardens, one of the the most stunning royal parks in the city.

Princess Diana spent much of her life working and advocating for children’s charities, so this memorial acts as a testament to that work and her beliefs. It’s a really fun way for the kids to enjoy their time in London but we have no doubt that you’ll also find it very moving.

Kensington Gardens itself is perfect for walking, sitting to enjoy a picnic or even just getting some fun photo opportunities. You’ll have a great time here, particularly in summer when you can enjoy the longer, warmer days.

Royal Albert Hall

Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall is a famous concert space in the South Kensington area of London that is particularly well known for being the main home of the Proms every year.

It holds over 5,000 people at a time who come here to watch opera, orchestras from all over the world and contemporary music – there’s something to be enjoyed here for even the most discerning music fan.

Of course, it isn’t just music that is the focus in the hall, as there are storytelling sessions for kids and the Cirque du Soleil also has a regular tour stop here.

Apart from seeing shows here, you can also take a tour around the venue to learn more about its history, which is very detailed considering it first opened its doors in 1871. What’s also interesting is that the hall is actually a registered charity, so you might even consider supporting it after you’ve seen how great the shows are here.