The Ultimate Guide to Greenwich Park by Park Grand London Hotels

London in Night

London might be a hive of activity but that doesn’t mean you can’t escape the urban landscape without leaving the city. The beautiful Greenwich Park is situated right along the banks of the River Thames, perfect for a quick, relaxed trip when you’re staying at one of our Park Grand London Hotels.

As one of the Royal Parks in the capital, and the first to be enclosed, Greenwich Park has a rich history. The 180 acre World Heritage Site is a former hunting ground that’s now filled with British wildlife, including deer, foxes, and many different species of birds. It’s been strongly associated with royalty since the times of Henry VIII and both his daughters, future queens Mary I and Elizabeth I, were born at this park.

Over the year royals have commissioned buildings on the park, including the Queen’s House and The Royal Observatory, and the site played a role in World War II by housing anti-aircraft guns. Today it’s a place tourists and locals alike head to relax with nature.

Top things to do at Greenwich Park

You can find plenty of things to do at Greenwich Park, it’s not all about relaxing on the grass. There’s something for everyone when you’re exploring here.

Wander the gardens

With several landscaped gardens, Greenwich Park is perfect if you love beautiful flowers. The Rose Garden and the Queen’s Orchard are among the most popular spots to take a stroll.

Visit the National Maritime Museum

National Gallery

Encompassing the Queen’s House and Royal Observatory, you won’t be at a loss for things to do. Giving you a chance to explore the history of life on the sea, walk though ten galleries and admire the architecture, this free to enter attraction is fun for all the family.

Step on the Meridian Line

Since 1884 the Prime Meridian has served as the reference point for Greenwich Mean Time. It runs through the courtyard of the Royal Observatory so you can get views over the park and across London as you step on it too.

Get back to nature

Greenwich Park is protected and has become a haven for wildlife. If you really want to escape the bustle of London, simply wandering through this enclosed landscape will help you relax, plus, you can find some spectacular views too.

Soak up some history

Did you know that Greenwich Park has been a settlement since the Roman times? Within the park you can find Roman ruins, the remains of Queen Caroline’s bath, who held notorious parties in the early 1800s, and an ancient Anglo-Saxon barrow cemetery – enough to keep history lovers entertained.

Greenwich Park events this summer

Greenwich park also hosts a whole range of events throughout the year that you can get involved in too. This summer some of the top events include:

  • Mid-summer Jazz Concert – Phoenix Dixieland Jazz Band – 18 June
  • London Gay Symphonic Winds – 25 June
  • Silver Ghosts – Greenwich Park Bandstand Concert – 2 July
  • Traditional Orchards, Wildlife Orchards, and Garden Orchards – 15 July
  • Lewisham Concert Bank – 30 July
  • Mardi Gras Jazz Band – 28 July

With plenty of transport links taking you right to the borders of Greenwich Park, it’s a stop that should be on your list when you’ve visiting the Park Grand London Hotels. Heading to a Royal Park is the perfect way to escape the usual crowds that are associated with London, especially when the sun is shining.