The Queen’s Birthday Gun Salutes 2014


The birthday of Queen Elizabeth II on 21st April is a momentous occasion. Although she celebrates it privately, a 41-gun gun salute in Hyde Park marks the occasion publicly.

•    Occasion – The Queen’s Birthday Celebration

•    Date – 21st April 2014

•    Venue – Hyde Park, Windsor Green Park and The Tower of London

•    Description – At Hyde Park, a 41-gun gun salute takes place at midday. It is carried out by the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery who ride into the park from the north by Marble Arch along North Carriage Drive. They line up abreast and gallop down the parade ground to roughly opposite the Dorchester Hotel. At around 11:45am, the Troop arrives and gets set to fire the first round at midday. The salute is fired off after the guns are unhooked. After the firing, the horses gallop back up towards North Carriage Drive. The band can be seen at 11:30am when it arrives at the venue. The show of pomp and ceremony is spectacular and provides the only opportunity to see horses legally at a full gallop in Hyde Park with one and a half ton of cannon in tow.

•    Official Birthday – Although the actual birthday of the Queen is on 21st April, her official birthday is celebrated on a Saturday in June which is marked by Trooping the Colour. Other members of the Royal Family join her at this celebration when the Trooping the Colour Parade moves between Buckingham Palace, The Mall and Horseguards’ Parade.

•    Celebrations at Other Places – A 21-gun salute takes place in Windsor Great Park and a 62-gun salute is given at the Tower of London.