The famous statues of Parliament Square


London is a historical treasure trove of art, with hidden cultural gems to be discovered around every corner. The city’s gorgeous gardens and historic squares are home to all kinds of beautiful monuments and intricate statues that commemorate historical figures from history.

One of the most popular areas for culture seekers is the historic Parliament Square, which is just down the road from our luxury Park Grand Paddington Court London hotel. As the centre of politics and social revolution in London, Parliament Square has become one of the most popular spots amongst tourists and travellers. Here we’ve put together a list of the best statues and monuments you can find around the square so grab your camera and head over there.

Sir Winston Churchill

The hero of the Second World War needs no introduction. This iconic war time Prime Minister was responsible for devising military and political tactics during one of Britain’s darkest times. The statue depicting him sits in the north-east corner of Parliament Square on a granite pedestal. It was designed and created in 1973 by renowned sculptor and artist Ivor Roberts-Jones and has remained a symbol of Britain’s strength and resolve for decades. There are many other tributes to Churchill that can be found scattered around our Park Grand London hotels.

Nelson Mandela

This bronze statue which depicts one of the most influential people of the last century can be found alongside the grass at the west side of the square. Tourists travel from around the city to pay their respects to one of the greatest leaders in history. The legacy that Nelson Mandela left behind was one of peace, patience and understanding. His voice of protest reached millions of ears during his lifetime and his run as president of South Africa helped bring about a time of peace and prosperity in a country that historically was overcome by segregation and violence.

Sir Robert Peel

Those who aren’t familiar with the history of British politics may not recognise the name Robert Peel but there’s no doubt that you have been affected by the changes he made to the country. During his two terms as Prime Minister in the 1800s, he was the driving force behind several advancements in the industrial revolution. He forwarded the evolution of modern policing and became a key advocate of economic and financial reform in the UK. Although things have changed a lot over the last 200 years, the effects of Sir Peel’s decisions have led to the modern British industries we know today.

Mahatma Gandhi

During a time of violence and adversity, Mahatma Gandhi was a quiet voice of reason. His non-violent protests inspired an entire nation and showed that massive change could come from simple acts. The bronze statue, which on the west side of Parliament Square, was designed by Philip Jackson as a tribute to one of the greatest peacemakers in history. Be sure to take your camera and snap a photo of this beautifully simplistic depiction of India’s most inspirational icon.