The Best TV and Film Tours in London


Some of the world’s most famous films and TV shows have been shot in locations around London or filmed in one of the city’s famous production studios. From action and thrillers to drama and romance, the city has been host to all kinds of different titles featuring the biggest names in the business. It might surprise you just how many iconic scenes from top blockbusters were filmed in England’s capital. If you want to hunt down these locations and see the places that your favourite films were shot then take a look at our list of top tours so you can discover more about the places behind the movies.

London Eye

Tour for Muggles

Fans of the worldwide wizarding phenomenon will be happy to learn that they can now travel around the city and visit places where scenes from the Harry Potter films were shot. From the cobbled streets that inspired Knockturn Alley to the secret entrance of the Ministry of Magic, you’ll be taken on a journey through J.K Rowling’s mystical universe. The tour consists of walking and riding the bus and will take a few hours to complete, which is perfect if you’re looking to fill an afternoon with something fun on your trip to our London Hyde Park Hotel. Get your wands ready and don’t forget your broomstick because this magical tour will have you casting spells and reliving scenes from all of your favourite magic movies.

Doctor Who Tours

Pull out your sonic screwdriver and get ready to take a trip through time and space on this tour of iconic Doctor Who London locations. Fans of the long-running Sci-Fi series will love this 2-hour walking tour that takes you to places around the city where some of the most memorable scenes were shot. Visit the place where the Cybermen first invaded London and see the city’s tallest building which the doctor rode an anti-gravity bike up. The expert guides will take you on a tour you’ll never forget, while answering any questions you might have.

Da Vinci Code Tour

The best-selling book series turned movie franchise by Dan Brown took the world by storm with its intricate storylines, fascinating characters and historic settings. Fans of the films can take a tour of the locations in London where parts of the movie were shot, including the Knights Templar Church and the National Gallery. Set off from our Park Grand Hotel London and follow the same trail that the story’s main character Robert Langdon followed as you make your way around the city in search of mystery.

Sherlock Tours

This fictional detective needs no introduction thanks to his enormous legacy that has remained popular for over a century. Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous character has been portrayed by many notable actors over the years, more recently by Benedict Cumberbatch in the BBC series Sherlock. This modern iteration of the London-based detective has been hugely popular and now fans of the show can tour London and see the various locations where Sherlock and Doctor Watson hunted down clues and searched for answers.