The Best Things to Do in North, West, South, East and Central London in February

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London has an array of fantastic sights to explore during your next trip. In this blog, we’ll look at some of the best things to see and do in February, no matter where you are in the city.

North London

These are just a few of our favourite ways to pass the time in North London, including getting back to nature, trying some local shopping and even visiting a couple of historic hotspots…

  • Visit Hampstead Heath

London has a number of stunning green spaces, and Hampstead Heath is one of the very best. Here you’ll find an abundance of wildlife, stunning countryside and plenty of opportunities to try different sports, all within city boundaries.

  • See the view on Primrose Hill

One of London’s most impressive views, Primrose Hill provides stunning vistas of the city skyline, as well as a great spot for sitting and watching the world go by. It’s incredibly popular during the summer months, but February is a great time to see the sights while it’s still comparatively quiet.

  • Take a trip to London Zoo

One of the world’s finest zoos, ZSL London Zoo is also a major research centre, helping to improve the lives of wildlife around the world. Its the perfect space for all ages, helping to make London Zoo a particularly popular attraction for families.

Animal lovers will also enjoy a day out here, meeting some of the globe’s most spectacular wildlife and discovering more about the species the zoo cares for, and the habitats they need to survive.

  • Go vintage shopping at Alfie’s Antique Market

This Marylebone market is dedicated to vintage finds, and you’ll certainly be able to source plenty of incredible items during your visit here. Based in an art-deco building, it’s the perfect place to spend a couple of hours browsing through decades of unique fashion and home décor. In addition, you can stop and take a break at the in-house cafe on the upper level, giving you the chance to assess your latest bargains.

  • Take a photo at Abbey Road Studios

One of the world’s most famous music studios, Abbey Road is located in the heart of North London. Based in St John’s Wood, here you can walk the infamous zebra crossing like The Beatles, and also get close to the studio where everyone from Pink Floyd to Amy Winehouse recorded their hit albums.

This is still a working music studio, but you can also pick up a few mementos at its on-site shop and take a tour of the venue during your stay.

  • See a show at Union Chapel

This venue in Islington is both a church and a home for live entertainment, offering a vast selection of different performances encompassing everything from music to comedy acts. There’s also a regular roster of film screenings and fascinating talks, perfect for keeping you entertained while staying at Park Grand Hotels London.

West London

Whether you’re in the mood to explore the local scenery or want to connect with the London artistic scene, West London offers a wide variety of great things to see and do in February. Here’s a few of our favourites…

  • Visit Kew Gardens

These historic gardens include the largest Victorian glasshouse and a Chinese Pagoda, first installed in 1762. The gardens themselves span an impressive 300 acres, and regularly host everything from horticultural events to business conferences.

When there’re no major events happening, there’s still plenty to enjoy throughout February, with a wealth of glasshouses filled with plants from all over the world. Some of the species here are local to the UK, and others are international – such as the tropical glasshouse with its humid climate.

In addition to the aesthetic appeal of Kew Gardens, you’ll also be able to see examples of the scientific research which the venue supports.

  • See the deer at Richmond Park

Richmond Park is one of London’s foremost Royal Parks. It pans around 2,500 acres, making it the largest of these green spaces in the city.

This park is also home to hundreds of deer, who freely roam around the grounds. February is a particularly great time to see them, so we recommend taking   a camera and getting some fantastic photos of your trip at the Park Grand Hyde Park.

  • Go shopping at Portobello Road Market

Fans of local shopping will find much to enjoy at Portobello Road Market, a major centre for finding all kinds of weird and wonderful collectables in West London.

As well as giving you access to some of the most unconventional items in the city, Portobello Road Market is also home to some great street food at the weekend, ensuring you can keep shopping without getting too peckish!

  • Find inspiration at the Design Museum

This museum is dedicated to contemporary architecture and design, and has undergone a recent refurbishment to help create even better exhibitions, displays and events. You can find a wide variety of talks and great artistic sights to see on your visit, ensuring plenty of inspiration!

If you’re in the mood for a workshop or eager to learn something new, then you can also try your hand at creating something special during your visit to the UK capital.

  • Visit the boats at Little Venice

Amongst the most picturesque spots in London, Little Venice is filled with stunning riverboats, some of which are used as year-round homes for their occupants, and some of which are home to curious London attractions such as the Puppet Theatre Barge.

It’s a delightful area for a February stroll, and you could even catch a local comedy show at the Canal Cafe Theatre or hitch a ride on a passenger boat for a unique trip along the Thames.

  • Have a few drinks at Sipsmith Distillery

Domestic brewing has become big business in London, and Sipsmith Distillery is one of the city’s finest examples. For fans of craft gin, you can take part in a tour this February and discover more about this famous tipple –visiting the copper tins where the drink is distilled, and even enjoying a tasting session during your visit.

South London

Another of the most fascinating districts in London, the south of the city provides great cultural experiences, shopping and entertainment. These are some of the highlights:

  • Go shopping at Greenwich Market

A great market in south London, Greenwich Market is a place to find anything and everything. Whether you’re on the lookout for gifts or a few mementos of your trip, be sure to start looking here.

  • Explore London’s maritime past aboard the Cutty Sark

The last remaining tea clipper anywhere in the world, the Cutty Sark is a popular sight in the south, and recently underwent a £30m restoration. Climb aboard after you book your hotel and pay on arrival, getting you closer to one of the Thames’ major attractions.

  • See the dinosaurs at Crystal Palace Park

A Victorian marvel in the heart of South London, the Crystal Palace dinosaurs are so cherished they even have their own society dedicated to their preservation. While these sculptures aren’t particularly historically accurate, they are still a delightful sight for visitors to the city.

  • Check out a show at the 02 Arena

Amongst London’s most prominent entertainment venues, the O2 Arena hosts everything from contemporary music acts to comedy, sport and more. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even try scaling the 02 with an experienced guide.

East London

This part of London is notable for its sporting history, as well as great museums and entertainment venues. These are a few of our favourite places to visit after a Park Grand Hotel Afternoon Tea:

  • Head for Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Created to commemorate the London 2012 Olympic Games, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is filled with fantastic sporting venues, greenery and the famed ArcelorMittal Orbit.

This vast tower is an architectural marvel and a giant slide in one, providing stunning views as you descend towards the ground…

  • Discover the Museum of London Docklands

If you’d like to find out more about the Thames, then a trip to the Museum of London Docklands is an absolute must. This museum is located in a London warehouse which was built more than two centuries ago, and charts the history of both the Thames and the city around it.

Covering fascinating historical events from the Roman invasion to the present day, this is a chance to look through old photos and historic materials as you uncover a side of the city which is often overlooked.

  • Visit Columbia Road Flower Market

This weekend market is one of the best places to visit every Sunday, with a huge variety of floral arrangements, each of them for sale. You’ll probably want to take a few photos during your trip, and we also recommend showing up early to ensure you miss some of the crowds! Alternatively, a visit late in the day will give you a chance to pick up a few great bargains.

  • See a film at The Castle Cinema

An art deco-era cinema which has been restored to its former glory, this is a fantastic place to see a film while you’re visiting London. First built in 1913, the venue has undergone many different lives since then.

There’s only eighty seats, so it’s an intimate and welcoming space where luxury reigns supreme. Check out what’s on in February, and consider this as a date idea for Valentine’s Day.

  • Take a stroll at Victoria Park

Sometimes regarded by locals as the ‘People’s Park’, Victoria Park is home to plenty of festivals and special events throughout the year. Even during the quieter months, there’s lots to enjoy here.

From boating on the lake to visiting the Pavilion Cafe for a bite to eat, you’ll find plenty to tempt you during your trip.

Central London

When most people think of London, they’re probably thinking of Central London. This area encompasses many fo the major tourist hotspots in the city, and these are some of our favourites for you to explore on your own visit:

  • Visit the Tower of London

From a prison to a zoo, and now a famed tourist attraction: The Tower of London has had many different purposes over the centuries. This historic structure is a major sight in London’s skyline, and regularly attracts visitors from around the globe.

You can tour the prison cells, walk the battlements and even visit the Crown Jewels during your visit in February.

  • Explore the British Museum

One of London’s foremost museums, the British Museum is also an architectural marvel. This beautiful museum houses millions of artefacts from world history, and makes a fantastic all-weather attraction for those staying locally in February.

  • Head for Buckingham Palace

While the palace itself is only open during the summer months, you can still get close to the palace in February, and watch the daily Changing of the Guard at the palace gates.

  • See the collections at The National Gallery

A fantastic London art museum, The National Gallery houses several major collections, which are available to view throughout the year. Whether you’re a dedicated art fan or simply want to discover more during your stay, this is a great activity to enjoy.

  • Take a trip on the London Eye

It takes 30 minutes to complete a spin on the London Eye, and it’s one of the city’s most iconic sights. If you want to beat the queues, book in advance – there are also plenty of great ways to upgrade your trip by booking a private pod or a couple of glasses of champagne.

To see London from above, this is one of the best experiences in the city, and suitable for a February trip.