The best shops for small children in London

kids shopping

A trip to London is an experience that kids will never forget. The magical city is full of fun activities, wondrous attractions and amazing treats that youngsters can discover and take home with them to show their friends.

If you’re planning a trip to the Park Grand London Lancaster Gate with your children, you’ll find that our hotels near Westbourne Terrace are located close to some of the best kid’s shops in the city. Here are a few suggestions on where to find toys and treats for the little ones.


Regent Street, London

No family trip to the Park Grand London Lancaster Gate would be complete without stopping in at Hamleys and checking out the amazing range of kid’s toys. The iconic toy shop has been a popular spot for centuries and continues to draw in millions of people every year. Explore a treasure trove of wonderment and imagination as you search through thousands of toys and accessories to find the perfect gift. With multiple floors to explore, you’ll spend hours perusing the shelves and testing out the toys with your little ones.

Bob and Blossom

Columbia Road, London

If you’re looking to kit your kids out with some new clothes, there’s no better place than Bob and Blossom. The cute and colourful shop in Bethnal Green is where you’ll find a selection of clothes for boys and girls. Specialising in fashion for toddlers, Bob and Blossom stocks a wide range of outfits and accessories that are sure to have your little ones looking like mini models. With everything from socks and shoes to scarves and backpacks, you’ll have no problem filling your kid’s wardrobe.

Disney Store

Oxford Street, London

Enter the wonderful world of Disney and explore the vast collection of accessories and toys at the flagship London shop on Oxford Street. Your little princes and princesses will find themselves surrounded by adventure as they explore a wonderland of excitement. Not only will you find a huge selection of toys and gifts, there are also a number of installations that bring your kids’ favourite Disney characters to life and give them a chance to interact with each other in a world of imagination.

Harry Potter Shop

King’s Cross Station, London

Any young witches and wizards can discover all kinds of magic and excitement at the famous Platform 9¾ in King’s Cross Station. The popular tourist spot has been recreated to allow Harry Potter fans to snap a photo of themselves passing through the invisible portal onto the fictional platform. Next to the attraction is the Harry Potter shop which specialises in official merchandise, with everything from wands and scarves to spell books and magic accessories.

Lego Store

Leicester Square, London

The London Lego Store is a must-see for kids and grown-ups alike. The flagship megastore is the largest Lego shop in Europe and is home to millions of plastic building blogs, accessories and figurines. Browse the huge collection of box sets that are available in all kinds of different brands and genres or gather your own collection from the amazing candy shop style pick and mix section of the store. Be sure to take a trip to Leicester Square this month and check out the Lego Store.