The Best Shopping venues in Oxford Street

Oxford Street

Oxford Street is the high street of London; a 1.9km-long gauntlet filled with designer shops, luxury restaurants and high street chains as far as the eye can see. But where to pick in this always-packed playground of places to spend money? We’ve picked out the five best shopping venues in Oxford street so that when you’re wading through a sea of people to get your latest suit, dress or must-have item, you at least know where to go.

  1. John Lewis

John Lewis is loved by almost everyone for the simple reason that it has almost everything in it. Situated at number 300 Oxford Street, it’s worth renting out a room in hotels close to Paddington for a night just so you can spend the whole day with John Lewis. The nation’s favourite store has everything from toys, electricals, homeware, fashion, gifts, furniture and leather goods all at a reasonable price, with well-informed staff renowned for their polite manner and a quality aftercare service to boot. It also includes a walk-in cheese room and a large café, meaning that if you do rent a room in one of our hotels close to Paddington, you can experience this gourmet delight first hand.

2. Selfridges

Winner of Time Out’s favourite London store, Selfridges is home to high-end brands and new, edgy labels that allow it to remain a popular choice and stay one step ahead of the competition. Selfridges is also well-known for its concession boutiques and stores wide events, meaning every trip promises something new. Why not book one of our hotels close to Paddington? This means you can stay nearby for a reasonable price and spend a bit more on some of Selfridge’s higher-end goods.

3. Topshop

Oxford Street is home to the world’s largest Topshop, a store loved by Britain for its huge array of brands at affordable prices. That isn’t to say that there aren’t higher end items for the discerning buyer, however; Topshop has the more expensive brands such as Unique and Boutique available for those looking to cut through the masses of bargains available in the store. Topshop is also home to the endless conveyor belt of celebrity-designed collections for those who absolutely need the latest Kardashian inspired clothing.

4. Niketown

Sportswear enthusiasts will be in heaven when they enter Niketown. Situated at 236 Oxford Street, this flagship Nike store is home to the largest sports clothing and footwear department in Europe as well as ‘Nike+ 1:1’, a one-to-one appointment service with some of Nike’s own Nike+ experts who provide shoppers with performance tips, product recommendations and personal styling. Niketown also has a Nike ID space where visitors can create their own unique footwear instore.

5. Urban Outfitters

A favourite amongst younger shoppers, this concrete-clad refuge is home to a great variety of brands loved by teens and young adults as well as being stocked full of the vintage clothing items that are so popular with younger shoppers. Urban Outfitters on Oxford Street also has homewares, accessories and its own in-store vinyl shop for those looking to bolster their record collection.