The best places to eat Caribbean food near Paddington


Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, one thing that everyone will have to do in London is tasting the local food. Luckily, the city is a cultural melting pot of different flavours from all over the world so you will never struggle to find something you like.

The great thing about our hotels near Craven Hill is the convenient location near a huge range of different restaurants and eateries. In this post, we’ll be looking at Carribean food and the amazing taste that the culture has brought to the streets of London. Here are some of the best places to try during your stay at the Park Grand Paddington Hotel.


Brixton Hill, London

During your city break, be sure to take a trip to the vibrant area of Brixton to check out this no-nonsense Jamaican eatery. Brixton is an area rich in culture and Negril is just one example of the amazing vendors that can be found throughout the squares and high streets. With an authentic menu focusing on wholesome food, Negril is perfect if you’re looking for an afternoon lunch before you head back to the Park Grand Paddington Hotel. Traditional jerk chicken, pork chops and enough homemade coleslaw to feed the 5000, are just some of the delicious treats you’ll find on the menu at Negril.


Stoke Newington Road, London

This popular eatery specialises in bringing traditional Carribean food into the 21st century with modern techniques and contemporary flavours. The mixture of old and new is what sets this eatery apart from others of its kind. The chef is an expert when it comes to preparing classic Carribean dishes such as curried goat. The upscale restaurant also offers a wide selection of crafted cocktails so you can wash down your meal with a deliciously fruity island drink.

Café Carribean

Old Spitalfields Market, London

What was once a popular lunch spot in the beautiful Covent Garden has recently moved the location to the historic Old Spitalfields Market but is still dishing out the same great tasting food. If you’re looking for a quick snack or a sit-down lunch with friends, this café will give you a true taste of the Carribean. A popular favourite with locals is the ackee and saltfish, which is one of the best tastings in London. The café was established by a local Jamaican who was inspired by the food his mum made him as a child and now you can experience the same great tastes.

Boom Burger

Portobello Road, London

This vibrant burger bar brings together everybody’s favourite fast food with the flavours of the Carribean for an experience like no other. Worlds apart from the regular go-to burger places, this eatery offers a wide range of burger combinations with all kinds of garnishes and sides to allow you to create your very own custom concoction. The staff at Boom Burger are always ready to craft your meal with a smile which is what makes the whole dining experience so enjoyable.