bayswater view

The Bayswater area of London is well known for its grand parks, long spanning history and luxury Hyde Park accommodation and has been a popular area for tourists to visit. When it comes down to it, Bayswater represents the best of London, making it obvious why so many people visit the area from across the world. With stunning London architecture, historic monuments and the best parks in the city, West London is a must-see for those looking to get a slice of the city’s grandiosity.

Bayswater is just one of these areas, bringing together the historic and contemporary in a blend that not many other parts of the city have managed to balance so succinctly. In this haven of idyllic canals, sleek skyscrapers and pristine townhouses, there is plenty to keep guests at the Grand London Hyde Park Hotel busy, and just a stone’s throw away from their hotel room.

Queensway Cosmopolitan Street

Queensway Cosmopolitan Street is one of the most diverse streets in West London, and brings a range of eateries, shops and bars, all international in their tastes and wide ranging in their clientele. If you are looking for a great place to shop for souvenirs or find the best in fashion and retail, then Cosmopolitan Street, located just a few minutes’ walk from Bayswater tube station is the perfect spot for you.

Whiteleys Shopping Centre, London

Whiteley’s Shopping Centre is in Bayswater and has a long history spanning back to the beginning of the 20th century. Originally opened as a drapery in 1907 by William Whiteley, the shop was moved to multiple locations on Westbourne Grove by his sons when he was murdered by an alleged illegitimate son. What is now the Whiteley’s shopping centre was closed in the mid-eighties and has since been redeveloped.

Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St Sophia

The third Greek Orthodox Church in London to bear the name of St Sophia, this church brings together the culture and religion of West London’s Greek Community through polyphonic choirs, Greek dance and Greek Language lessons as well as the weekend church sessions. With an awe-inspiring building dating back to the 19th century, this Moscow Street based church is well worth a visit.

Bayswater open air artists exhibition

Based on Bayswater Road, this open-air art exhibition provides a platform for new artists based around the area. With a thriving culture every weekend, Bayswater Road is always bustling with new pieces of art, whether it be watercolours, acrylics or sketching. With over 150 different artists displaying their work every Sunday, this is a casual and informal way to engage with some incredibly talented West Londoners.

New West End Synagogue, London

Founded in 1877, the West End Synagogue is an historic Jewish icon in London and is also an architectural beauty in and of itself. Based on St Petersburgh Place, the New West End is Grade I listed and brings in over 800 people every Sunday for mass. Whether you are just walking past, or want to visit for a service, the architectures grand scale is well worth a moment of your time.