The Absolute Best Of London


London is a pretty special city. People flock from all over the world to experience its history, architecture, culture and amazing foods.

There is a seemingly endless list of attractions and sights to see, places to explore and experiences to be had.

If you’re a shopaholic then the city’s world class shopping districts and stunning department stores will blow you away, if you are a history buff then you’re sure to find something interesting in the city’s 2,000 year history; or maybe you just love exploring new places and experiencing new cultures- London has it all.

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Now let’s take a look at the absolutely unmissable attractions in the stunning city of London.

Tower of London

Tower of London

The Tower of London is one of the most historic buildings in the city, and offers a truly unique and exciting insight into the city’s often bloody past.

Constructed by William the Conqueror after his victory over the English in 1066, this building has been one of the most important structures in the city for 1,000 years.

Meet the resident ghosts who call the castle home; like the headless Anne Boleynn- wife of the infamous King Henry VIII- who was executed beneath the White Tower. Hear the screams of Guy Fawkes himself coming from the old torture chambers and meet the murdered twins.

You can visit the priceless Crown Jewels, explore the deepest recesses of the ancient castle, and even meet the crows that ensure the longevity of the castle, and of London itself.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace has been the official residence of the British Monarchy since 1837, and is an architectural gem.

The Neo-classical design is timeless and it stands proudly as one of the most iconic buildings in Europe.

You can tour the stunning interior state rooms and even visit some of the unused royal apartments.

One of the main draws is actually found outside the palace wearing a large fluffy hat. The Royal Guard are highly trained military personnel who guard the palace day and night. Watching the Changing of the Guard ceremony is an absolute must see.

The British Museum

The British Museum

The British Museum is the largest and most comprehensive collection of human culture and history in the world.

Following the life span of humankind from its very inception, this museum plays host to around 7 million artefacts collected from all over the world, some of which date back 2 million years.

This staggering collection is an absolute must see, and the museum itself is free to enter- all that is asked for is a donation of whatever you can manage.

The Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is another world class institution that is free to all. This time the museum follows the wonders and stories of the natural world.

You can experience the terrifying power of an earthquake, come face to face with the fearsome T-Rex and see some of the most stunning fossils and archaeological finds in the entire world.

This is a mecca for the curious and lovers of the natural world.

Big Ben & The Houses of Parliament

Big Ben & The Houses of Parliament

The Houses of Parliament is another of London’s most stunning and iconic buildings.

The Palace of Westminster started its life as a royal palace in 1016 and was expanded and adapted until it was largely destroyed by a fire and rebuilt in 1840. It is home to one of the oldest democracies on earth and symbolises the freedom of Great Britain.

The Elizabeth Tower can be found on the northern end of the stunning palace and is home to the world famous bell, Big Ben. The tower recently received a multi-million pound renovation and looks more resplendent than ever.

London’s Parks

London is one of the largest cities in Europe, but compared to its gigantic counterparts it has way more green space- in fact the city’s green space covers nearly 18% of Greater London!

Some of the parks in the city are perfectly manicured and display rare flowers or stunning collections of roses; others are wild and packed with wildlife and wild flower meadows.

You can track deer in the gigantic Richmond Park, view the city’s skyline from Primrose Hill or explore the city’s history in the Royal Greenwich Park.

The most popular, and perhaps most famous, parks are Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. They sit side by side, slap bang in the centre of the city and are truly stunning.

The lightly wooded areas, the gorgeous Serpentine Lake, the gardens and the open grassy areas really do make for a perfect slice of paradise in the bustling centre.

And even better is the fact that they are super easy to access from your stunning Kensington Hotel. London really is a green paradise.

Borough Market

Borough Market

There are many famous markets across London; Camden is perfect for vintage clothing, Portobello Road is an antique haven, the Columbia Road Flower Market is a symphony of colour and scent- but if you’re a foodie there is only place to visit.

Borough Market has existed in its current location, in some form or another, for an estimated 1,000 years. On the south bank of the Thames, this stunning food market really is the place for all food lovers.

You can pop in and do your groceries at the incredible fresh produce vendors, you can find hard to come by ingredients in one of the many artisanal shops or you can visit for the best lunch in the city.

There are well over 100 vendors, each offering unique and delicious foods.


You may have heard of Stonehenge, and I know what you’re thinking- it’s not in London.

And you’re right it’s not. But thanks to London’s excellent connections, and the UK’s road network it is actually within easy day trip range.

Visit one of the most mysterious and awe inspiring ancient monuments on the planet. No one really knows its origins, or even how it was constructed, but it is an estimated 6,000 years old!

It’s one of the most stunning ancient wonders in the world, and is worth the trip.

Explore London Now

So there you have it; the best that London has to offer.

It truly is one of the greatest cities in the world, ensure you make the most of your next visit and don’t miss out on these incredible sights and attractions.