Take Your Family To Kensington For A Memorable Trip


People who love to know about history and want to know about it in detail. There are many few places in the world which have glorious and interesting history and stories. There are many such historical stories and things which are connected to the royal place of Kensington in London.

In so many places of London, Kensington have been very popular since years because of its fascinating history. The history of Kensington palace starts when it was originally called as Earl of Nottingham. A private road was constructed to give way to Royal apartments which were exclusively for the King and Queen. The palace is open for visitors now. This year, the exhibition of this Enchanted Place is been open for another year. With the inspiration of Princess Diana, the designers have made some special preparation creating a spectacular installation. You will enjoy this visit by experiencing the royal treatment in the form of stories, historic items, film projections, etc. Every room of this exhibition of different in its own way and tell a different story. There are so many things to see and experience at Kensington palace.

The Glorious Georges at Kensington Palace is popular worldwide. People from all over the world come here to visit this place and know about the royal heritage of London. The wall pieces, paintings and books tell a lot about the history of Georgians. However, everything associated with the royal life of a king is historic and royal hence, people have interest in knowing about it.

In the past, this palace was not opened for outsiders or visitors and was under the care of the central government. But, today, the palace generates a lot of revenue from tourists through the ticket system which is been introduced by the government itself. Visitors must look for a hotel near Kensington place. There are many other things which attract tourists to come and visit Kensington. The Sunken Garden is also a great option to visit.

Another must see attraction of this palace is the King’ Staircase. This staircase was designed by William Kent which became popular worldwide. One can experience the lively colors and designing of the 18th century. In the year 1874, the royal paintings were been completed by Christopher Wren. Ranging from the staircase to the ceiling, everything is worth counting. This formal visit is been conducted under the official caretakers who keep an eye on the tourists. Fortunately, people are allowed to click pictures but, not to touch anything.

The successful Kings and Queens who ruled over everyone had a different life inside their intimate rooms. These rooms were designed uniquely so as to provide complete comfort to them. Whether it is about their close or dining area, everything is just amazing. The Queen’s Gallery was overloaded with Turkish carpets and silk curtains with many priceless antiques. It is easy to believe that everything was original and precious.

The dining room was filled with beautiful paneling of the 17th century. Out of the public eye, the King and the Queen could dine here privately and enjoy fish and beer. Queen Mary was passionate about collecting antique pieces hence, one could find a unique collection from China and Japan. The Queen extended here living space into another room which was used for entertaining her friends and spending a good time with near and dear ones.
Where the King’ apartment is been considered, it is more wide and designed with original and royal designs of 17th century. Through the staircase, one can easily get into the apartment and take a look on the different sections of the apartment. At first, you will come across a royal and historic armchair which is kept close to the throne. In the Privy Chamber, the queen used to spend most of the time to enjoy its paintings, walls and beautiful designing of the ceiling.

The cupola room is popular for its splendid decoration as compared to the entire apartment. The King’s Drawing Room decides the climax of the meeting held with kings of other countries for patronage and power. There was another room called the King’s Gallery where the king used to play with his nephew and unfortunately met his death too. The historic rooms were empty unlike the bed rooms we use today. Actually, every room was highly managed and was used just for official meetings.

The works of art can be easily seen in every corner of this palace and one will feel like staying here forever. Even if you give a complete day to visit this palace, it will not be enough. You must plan your trip in such a way that you experience this glory and do not miss the chance of visiting the palace.

About safe and comfortable accommodation

When coming to London for a long visit, you will be certainly looking for a suitable   hotel near Kensington place. There are number of hotels which can suit your requirements and you will be delighted to experience their hospitality. London is quite different than the other states because people here believe in proving promising services and serving the best to their customers. You can take out time to visit the local market and streets of London which will reflect the true picture of the rich heritage.

History has no end in Kensington and even a trip of one month will look short in front of this list. You can experience the beauty of London by planning your visit smartly. Every new place has some troubles associated with it. So, if you are to travel some new place then, plan for it in advance. Your hotel can also guide you about which train to catch and which place to visit on what day. You just have to be flexible and enjoy your visit.

Depending on your preferences and budget, you can shortlist the places you want to see and then, start up with your journey. Also take complete information about the transportation mediums and routes through which you have to navigate in the city.