Stuff You Can Do in Kensington


If you are visiting London, always have Kensington on your vacation schedule. It is a district of West London situated in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. You never have to worry about where to stay, there are number of good and comfortable Kensington hotels.You could do a lot at Kensington. It is a very populated and rich district; it is visited by tourists from all over the globe. Kensington offers a lot of activities, entertainment and sightseeing, which means everyone can enjoy here.

Kensington has many numbers of gardens and trails which are rich in flora and fauna. If you could get time in dawn or dusk, the place is best for jogging and the sights are fantastic. You can do horse riding here and enjoy the sights. There is lot of place to do rollerblading; always you will find a number of people doing it. Kensington has lots of monuments worth seeing. There are a number of famous museums in Kensington on the Exhibition Road. You can visit Royal Albert Hall and the famous Peter Pan Statue. You can always see ducks in Kensington parks.

Kensington also has good restaurants, pubs and bars. It is also famous for shopping; you can get anything from shopping antiques to modern day fashion. Kensington have number of luxurious and expensive hotels but there are also some cheap and budget Kensington hotels but you have to book here in advance because of large number of tourists in this area. Hotels are situated in walking distance of important sites. Hotels have good service and some provide free breakfast and WiFi also. You can book a room here