Spending leisure time by exploring Hyde Park


Looking forward to plan your holiday to the premier city of UK? You are simply going to get a ball of a time provided you take the proper decision of staying at the most desirable location in London city while travelling to a city having a grand repute such as the British Capital, you must make sure to put up in such hotel which keeps you close to all the famous travel attractions of the city. No matter whichever place you choose to visit during your leisure time, if the hotel is not appropriate enough then there is no point in investing so much of amount. The location of your accommodation always plays a keen role in offering you the holiday experience you have been yearning for. While planning a trip to the city of London what you need to look for is the perfect hotel which caters to all your desires. Hotel hunting can be a strenuous task when you do not know exactly what you are looking for. Some travelers who desire to stay away from the hustle bustle of the city choose to pick up a hotel far away from the heart of London. This lets them maintain a cordial relationship with the natural beauty which the enriching city embraces itself with. The other giant portion of tourists desires to make it to the Central London which is considered to be the most happening part of the city that does not tend to sleep. Everything about this part of the British capital seems to excite the travelers who make it a point to explore all of London’s major sightseeing attractions which the city boasts of possessing. Before planning a trip to London, you need to chalk out the main purpose of your trip. If resting is the sole purpose if your trip then look for hotel accommodation outside the vicinity of the main city and if you are one of the millions of travelers who seek to make a London trip in order to witness the exquisite cultural heritage of the world capital then you must look for putting up at one of the Central London hotels. Over here, you will get an easy access to all of the majorly visited travel attractions, sights, events and festivals of the city.

Once you get to know the city properly, you will desire to make your stay in one of the hotels near Hyde Park which is undoubtedly the ideal choice for having the best of London right on your doorstep.

Another most exciting aspect of choosing to stay in one of the hotels near Hyde Park would definitely be the cost effective issue. If somehow, you manage to put up yourself and your near and dear ones (if accompanied by you) in a Hyde Park hotel, then you will not have to pay extra transportation expenses for seeking out to the best travel attractions. The best part about staying in central London is that you do t have to take the hiatus of travelling longer distances in order to reach to the next big travel attraction as all of them are located at a nearby location. This is probably the most important feature which compels millions of visitors to travel to the British capital and enjoy a blissful travel journey without having to get tired and freaked out. Hyde Park is located in a desirable central position and this way it gets easier to complete your tour within the pre-planned budget line. The city of London has something in store for each and everyone and if you get to make it to a Hyde Park Hotel, then you will not have to be concerned about checking out the several travel attractions as they are just several minutes away and you can cover most of them by walking around. This vibrant capital city is indeed considered as a walking city. While vacationing in a hotel near Hyde Park, you will make things easier for you as you will get to explore some of the most amazing places to visit. Let us have a look at what all you could check out while enjoying a pleasant yet affordable stay in one of those hotels near the historically famous Hyde Park.

Exploring Serpentine Lake

This serene lake is found to be flowing through the Park and it is one of the major attractions in this city which various tourists look forward to see during their London trip. The travelers can spend their leisure time while swimming and boating in this lake. Otherwise, people can definitely feel the blissful ambiance by sitting over and watching the flow of the lake.

Kensington Gardens and Serpentine Gallery

People having strong passion for contemporary arts can definitely look forward to visiting the famous Serpentine Gallery being beautifully located in the equally historic Kensington Gardens. This is the place to come when you have an inclination towards exploring the amazing modern arts. This is one of the many reasons why people choose to stay in a hotel near Hyde Park. The Serpentine Gallery is open to public every day and it is believed that the gallery witnesses around 800,000 travelers on a yearly basis.


Any tourist staying in a Hyde Park hotel does not mind spending a couple of hours at Harrods. The most popular and iconic stores can be located over here. You do not have to go anywhere else for fulfilling your shopping desires if you visit Harrods. This place wonderfully caters to the shopping desires for each and every visitor. The post sale Christmas sale at Harrods is widely famous throughput the world. Being beautifully situated on Brompton Road, Harrods is the place to visit during your stay in a hotel near Hyde Park.

Shopping at Mayfair

The ardent shoppers would feel delighted to find London offering them with an array of opportunities for fulfilling their shopping desires. You can reach Mayfair which is located to the east of Hyde Park simply by walking over for some minutes.