Royal London Walk: A fantastic way to experience London’s most impressive attractions

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Royal tradition is one of the main elements of British national pride, as well as a dominant component of the tourist appeal of the UK and its capital city.

First-time visitors to London are typically very interested in vestiges of Britain’s monarchic past, seeking every opportunity to visit a number of attractions associated with the royal family. London features many such buildings and allows tourists to experience them up close in many cases.

Of course, it’s best to explore them at ease, but when your available time is limited, a well-structured tour can be the best way to see as much as possible. Many tourists staying at Park Grand Hotel Hyde Park or in another downtown location choose to participate in the Royal London Walk tour during their stay in the city as a way to get acquainted with its royal traditions.

If you are in solid physical shape, enjoy long walks and have an interest in British history, the Royal London Walk could be the perfect choice for you. Here are some arguments in favour of this approach that should persuade you to give it serious consideration during your next visit to London:

Why exploring on foot is better than riding a tour bus

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Walking tours may not be the first idea that comes to mind when you consider organised visits to London’s attractions, as the iconic double-decker buses are often seen as the default option.

While motorised transportation certainly has its advantages, exploring on foot provides a much better opportunity to learn about each location and investigate it at your own pace. Some attractions might be more appealing to you than others, so you can dedicate more time to them and snap a lot of pictures while paying only nominal attention to those that don’t fit your taste.

Central London is tightly packed with amazing places that are often just a few blocks apart, so walking between them doesn’t require a particularly intense effort, while the urban environment is very stimulating.

A good idea is to take a tour right after Indian Afternoon Tea in London, as the city looks just fantastic as the light dwindles and sunset falls on its fabulous architecture. If the weather is decent, you might enjoy your time outside and end up having an unforgettable afternoon that lives on in your memory forever.

What attractions can be visited on a Royal London Walk tour?

The Royal London Walk starts at St. James Park and meanders through historical parts of London to take the visitor to some of the most iconic landmarks in the city.

This includes traditional residences of the royal family and other estates that represent the legacy of Britain’s past, with Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace among the highlights of the tour. Royal Albert Hall, The Royal Mews, Wellington Arch and St. James Palace are just as impressive and worth learning more about. Visitors with an interest in more recent history have plenty to look forward on the Royal London Walk, with Serpentine Gallery, Diane, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain, and Peter Pan statue among the included sights.

Finally, you can enjoy a touch of nature by stopping at Kensington Gardens and strolling along to Hyde Park Corner – this will show you a different side of London that you don’t typically see in a tourist guidebook. Overall, the Royal London Walk covers a healthy combination of medieval history and contemporary culture, with the added benefit of mingling with crowds of locals and tourists.

Which hotels are best positioned for a tour of central London?

When selecting one of the best hotels book now pay later policies, you should look for the best value and amenities.

That said, location of your hotel is just as important as the rates and conditions since it’s ideal to have accommodations close to the start of the Royal London Walk tour and avoid the heavy traffic that tens to accumulate in the city, especially during peak times. Of course, central London has dozens of hotels to choose from, so you should be able to find at least one that ticks all the boxes.

Park Grand Hotel Hyde Park is perfectly situated for this purpose while staying at Park Grand Paddington Court also allows easy access to the start of the Royal London Walk. It’s important to arrive for the start of the tour in fresh and in good spirits, and having a nearby hotel eliminates the need to spend time on the tube or hunt for a taxi and waste energy while enr oute.

 However, the area that the tour takes you through is dotted with great cafes and pubs, so it’s always possible to take a short break and replenish your strength before continuing. This allows older visitors or couples with children to enjoy sightseeing in downtown London in a safe and comfortable manner, without putting their bodies under too much strain. After all, it is your holiday!

How long does it take to complete the Royal London Walk?

The best thing about the Royal London Walk is that you can advance at any pace that suits you.

On average, it takes around 3 hours to complete it, although it’s possible to make it through in less than an hour if you walk very fast and don’t stop to pose for pictures very often. Then again, there is the possibility to stray away from the predetermined path and see a few other things on a whim before returning for the final part of the tour, thus extending the total duration.

For example, many people visit Westminster Abbey or another historical venue that is not normally included in the Royal London Walk. It’s probably better to leave the whole afternoon for this activity and to go directly to your room at Park Grand Hotel London after you finish the tour and catch some much-needed rest. This way, you will be able to see all the major attractions without rushing through, and still preserve enough energy to explore more of the city the next day.

All things considered, the Royal London Walk is brief enough to allow even people who are in town for just a few days to comfortably fit it into their schedules and experience the best the city has to offer.