Romantic Things To Do in London


Each one of us is so busy in the rat race for survival that we forget one basic aspect of life and that is showing how much you care for your partner by spending some quality time together. The best way to do so is to take romantic breaks London so that you are away from your stressful life, immersed only in the love that flows between the two of you. This will strengthen your bond and rejuvenate you. There are many romantic things to do in London that will brighten your love life.

You can plan to visit the London Eye at sunset by going up when the sunlight is still there and coming down when it is sunset so that you can have a fantastic view of London. A glass of Champagne will boost your romantic feelings. A stroll by the River Thames will give you an opportunity to express your feelings and have some lovey-dovey talk while holding hands and making fresh commitments of everlasting love. During your stroll, you can buy a cheap bunch of flowers for your partner and offer them with all your love.

If the sun has set and your body is craving for some delectable food, there is nothing like buying her some chocolates before going to a restaurant that serves your favourite cuisine, whether it is Andrew Edmonds at Soho serving French cuisine or The Bleeding Heart in Hatton Garden. The idea is to be able to get some precious moments together eating from the same plate and cuddling up to each other in the dim lights of the place oblivious of the people around you. You can also have some exotic cocktails at Skylon while sitting by the large window and looking over the dark waters of River Thames.

During your romantic breaks in London, you can also watch a movie at an independent cinema such as the Richmix in Spitalfields or at The Curzon on Shaftesbury Avenue and go through the emotions and experiences of the movie in the cosy company of your partner.

There are many other ways in which you can make your romantic breaks London to be a most enjoyable and loving experience such as taking a spa package for 2 at the Athenaeum and getting completely rejuvenated; taking a romantic stroll in Kew Gardens and appreciating its beauty and marvelling at the monarchs in the butterfly gardens or even having a picnic; going to the London Zoo; and finally booking into a hotel room for the night to complete a most exciting and exotic date with your partner.

You can cement your relationship if you surprise your partner with a well-chosen gift that will express your love and will always remind her/him of the wonderful tine that you had together during your romantic breaks London.