Places to visit near Westbourne Terrace


London is the ideal city to enjoy a summer holiday in. It offers a diverse variety of attractions for tourists, ranging from the historic to the ultra modern which makes it a hit with all those who visit. Whether you fancy music or art, history or archaeology you will come across innumerable options to spend wonderful afternoons exploring these places.

If you are staying at any of the hotels near Westbourne Terrace, you will find numerous attractions in the nearby vicinity to visit. The area is popular with regular visitors to the city because they are centrally located. Another benefit of staying at any of the hotels near Westbourne Terrace is that they are comfortably priced with fine amenities and are great for staying. Some of the many attractions in the area include:

The Idler Academy: If philosophy is what interests you, The Idler Academy is the just the place to visit. It serves as a combination of a café plus being a centre of learning. It was created by none else than Tom Hodgkinson who earned renown all over the world from his Idler series of books, which were based on the premise of doing less.

It could be best described as an 18th century coffeehouse that combines with a fair helping of a 1950s grammar school. While sipping on their famous Monmouth coffee, or having an organic lunch you could be instructed in varied topics like philosophy, history, cooking and carpentry etc.

There are even lessons that feature a symposium on death delivered by Rabbi Julia Neuberger. There are other well known names from the world of academia as well, who regularly conduct workshops and programs here, so you can be assured of being in illustrious company while learning a fair bit. During some of the evening courses you might be lucky to get some free wine accompanied by delectable nibbles which makes learning a thoroughly pleasurable experience here. With its motto being, “islibertas per cultum” which when translated means ‘freedom through education’ The Idler Academy does sure give a whole new twist to studying!

The Electric Cinema:  For those cinema buffs who want to undergo a whole new cinematic experience quite unlike anything ever experienced before, The Electric Cinema is the place to visit. Right from reclining in comfy leather armchairs with footstools, small tables with snacks and drinks and wine coolers this small cinema hall is one of the most unique and appealing in London. You will find it nestled in the heart of Notting Hill’s posh Portobello Road, and is very popular both with celebrities and regular cinema watchers in London. It offers a rather interesting combination of mainstream commercial cinema, blockbusters with classics and art-house movies.

 It also has the distinction of being one of the oldest cinema halls in London having been opened in 1910. The décor of the cinema itself is extremely appealing with a beautiful mosaic floor, a panelled auditorium in the Baroque Art Style topped off with a magnificent gilt-domed box office. You could spend a most pleasurable evening at the cinema with delicious snacks like olives with fresh Mediterranean nibbles or even have the classic fish and chips while enjoying the movie. Sip on some exquisite wine, while reclining in sheer comfort in your armchair with your feet resting in comfort on the footstool! With surround sound to enliven the experience it is like sitting in the comfort of your own home and watching a movie. With an attached bistro and bar you could round off the evening with a lovely dinner.

The Royal Albert Hall: When it comes to iconic venues for public performances there is perhaps is none better than the Royal Albert Hall. It has hosted classical performances, galas, sporting events, banquets and a host of other events within its hallowed walls. Some of the greatest names in the musical industry have performed to ‘sold out’ performances with senior tennis pros exhibiting their professional skills here.  It was conceptualized by Prince Albert who drew inspiration from the resounding success of the Great Exhibition. It was opened to the public in 1871, a decade after his untimely demise. Its architectural style has drawn on facets of ancient amphitheatres with the Empire and Arts being the central theme. In fact there is a frieze that was created which depicts, ‘The Triumph of Arts and Sciences’. It features the latest technological gadgets and wizardry, which enhances the concert experience for all those who are part of any event being hosted here. With a capacity for 5000 plus it is one of the greatest venues to witness a concert or performance.

The Lounge at Odeon Whiteleys: When it comes to luxury cinema houses the Lounge at Odeon Whiteleys is right up there! It offers a cinema experience that is both indulgent and enjoyable. With completely reclining leather chairs that you can sink into with double the leg room you are in sheer comfort. You can also sample some of the finest cuisine and drink from its exclusive menu and bar served by personal waiters, while watching the movie. The menu is specially designed by Master Chef Rowley Leigh of Le Café Anglais who ensures that only the finest is offered in terms of food and drinks. It is also available for private screenings and if you get an invite this is the place to come and see a movie.